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overview of Mailscape

This product can help make your life easier with features including:

Advanced monitoring

Mailscape's advanced monitoring watches critical subsystems to give you an early warning of problems in your exchange environment.

"Weather Radar"

Mailscape's OneLook Dashboard view gives you at-a-glance status checks backed by deep detail on specific components.

Synthetic transactions

Mailscape uses synthetic transactions to actively probe for faults and failures across all critical Exchange components: storage, transport, client access, and more.

Deep Analytics

Mailscape's integrated reporting enables you to proactively advise management of future needs and ensure SLAs are being met.

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Exchange monitoring

Use Mailscape as your Exchange Monitoring tool.


Exchange-aware monitoring

Mailscape's award-winning monitoring builds on our decade-plus of Exchange experience and our Exchange experts to inspect and monitor storage, mail flow, client access, and more.

End-user experience monitoring

Go beyond the data center with our remote probes, which give you quick, accurate performance and functionality data from wherever in the world your users work.

breadth and depth

Watch all aspects of your Exchange environment from a single pane of glass: client access, mailbox, and Edge servers; DAGs and databases; network, DNS, and Active Directory connectivity; Outlook, ActiveSync, and EWS client access.

Mailscape delivers comprehensive monitoring on all the key components in your environment. Key areas Mailscape monitors:

Mailbox servers:

  • Disk and storage performance and capacity monitoring.
  • Internet, internal, and cloud mail flow.
  • Database health and performance.
  • System capacity and performance.

CAS servers:

  • Client load across all protocols.
  • Namespace-specific monitoring.
  • Protocol-specific tests to verify client access.
  • Network connectivity and quality.

High availability:

  • DAG replication health.
  • Health monitoring for individual databases.
  • Managed availability summaries and alerting.
  • Database activation and preference monitoring.

Open up the hood on your Exchange environment... and go beyond generic monitoring.

Exchange reporting

Mailscape give you endless creative freedom when it comes to the types of reports you can create and how they can be disseminated throughout your organization.



Mailscape delivers over 250 of the most commonly requested reports out of the box.


Customize existing reports or create new ones that incorporate AD attributes, PowerShell or SQL.



Mailscape delivers the data you need in personalized dashboards that automatically update. Create views for all key stakeholders. (Help Desk, UC team, and Management)

Exchange reporting

Mailscape delivers comprehensive reporting on all the key
components in your environment.

Mailbox & Message Traffic Reports

  • Top senders, recipients and message sizes
  • Stale and unused mailboxes
  • Distribution list activity, size, and composition
  • Internet and internal activity, message counts, and sizes

Client Access Reports

  • ActiveSync clients, usage, and device data
  • Outlook versions and activity
  • Mailbox access and login
  • Outlook anywhere activity and usage

Server Reports

  • Server uptime and SLA compliance
  • Database distribution and size
  • Server patch levels, events, and resource usage

Storage Reports

  • Storage usage and trending
  • Mailbox size, growth, and trending
  • Public folder storage, activity, and ownership
  • Largest and smallest mailboxes and public folders

Report Customization

  • Interactive wizards to quickly build detailed reports
  • Write your own PowerShell or SQL queries to build reports
  • Schedule reports and get them via email
  • Export reports to PDF or CSV for easy integration

Mailscape is deployed in 50+ countries, monitors over 5 million mailboxes,

and has won 17 industry awards.

System Requirements

Windows Server:

2008 - 2016

Microsoft Exchange Server:

2010, 2013, or 2016


Disk Space 350 MB,
Memory 2 GB

Additional Software:

Microsoft .NET Framework

3.5 or later


7.5 or later

SQL Server optional
2008 or later
Internet Explorer

8.0 or greater

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