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Release notes
Feb 1, 2017

We're excited to announce the release of EMS version, our first release for calendar 2017. With this release, we continue our long history improving your ability to monitor, and report on, your environment. Here's a partial summary of changes in this release:

  • New Mailscape End User Experience tests: We've added more than a dozen Outlook-specific tests to our Mailscape probes to help you better identify and diagnose Outlook connectivity and service issues. These tests build on our existing synthetic transaction and protocol tests to give you more visibility than ever into what Outlook users are seeing.
  • Improved the reliability of the Mailscape 365 OWA logon test to better handle some types of Microsoft service errors.
  • Added the ability to choose custom ports for monitoring in Uniscope.
  • Improved our Insights report engine to give you more sorting and arrangement options in reports that contain data grids.
  • Improved performance of the EMS Network Agent when gathering Windows patch/hotfix data.
  • Our lawyers made us fix a typo in the Uniscope license agreement. Then they sent us a bill.
  • Other stability and performance fixes for Mailscape, Mailscape 365, Uniscope, Compass, and Foresite.

As always, we're proud to offer our customers fully supported installation services at no extra charge. Contact support@enowsoftware.com to schedule your installation today!
Dec 13, 2016

Mailscape Improvements

  • Corrected the MSI Installer events due to WMI Win32_Product query.
  • Fixed the Uniscope Report Wizard issue where several files may be missing.
  • Eliminated CPU spikes while capturing server patch information.
Sept 12, 2016

We're excited to announce the release of EMS version, our second major release for calendar 2016. It features a dramatic improvement in reporting thanks to our new Insights engine, with hundreds of revamped reports across all of the EMS products. We've also fixed a big batch of bugs. Below are the details of the changes in this release:

Monitoring Bug Fixes and Product Improvements

  • Improved disk performance monitoring page to reflect operations per second or milliseconds under the Value column.
  • Corrected disk performance column headings that were not aligned properly.
  • Added flexibility for Uniscope to monitor non default ports.
  • Removed the duplicate port tests from Uniscope monitoring pages.

Report Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Modified the DB reporter by removing the disk performance indicators from the report.
  • Insight based reports are now the primary option for viewing most reports.
  • Added 7 new One Drive reports and they are located in the One Drive for Business Reports section and the General Reports section.

Platform Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Corrected issue with selecting exclusions from a list of active alerts.
  • Enhanced the remote probe configuration options.
  • Improved the capabilities of providing an exclusion for databases that are hosted by DAG members.
  • ECP Namespace test configuration for 2013 & 2016 Exchange servers includes option to enable forms based authentication or basic authentication.
  • Corrected low default disk performance threshold values in the monitoring policy.
  • Corrected issue with threshold changes for LDAP performance settings not being applied.
  • Improved report processing performance to prevent excessive temp db growth for enterprise sized environments.
Jun 6, 2016

We are pleased to announce the latest release from the ENow Suite of products: 7.2 SP1 ( This release is the first of our maintenance releases; we will continue to ship feature releases roughly quarterly, with maintenance releases in between feature releases. As with our future maintenance releases, in this release our team focused on improving our user experience and addressing any recent feedback from our customers.

Monitoring Bug Fixes and Product Improvements

  • Added the ability to create granular port exclusions for Mailscape 365 network monitoring tests
  • Addressed issue where Managed Availability server component states always showed as "active"
  • Resolved automatic prepopulating issues with configuration of the Mailscape 365 certificate monitoring
  • Resolved issues seen with CAS Namespace where OWA error breaks the page
  • Added missing MIB file for the SNMP integration feature
  • Resolved Remote Installer issues when client server only has .Net 4.5
  • Changed the name of Remote Installer MSI to match ENow naming context
  • Improved user GUI experience for remote installer
  • Added ability to upgrade directly from version 6.6 to 7.2
  • Enhanced Organizational Relationship test to return enhanced test results introduced in Office 365
  • Enhanced User UI experience for New Installer
  • Improved spacing and readability of Foresite Site Health dashboard
  • Added ability to suppress display of expired Office 365 licenses
  • Run ENow Admin Console as Administrator by default

Report Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the functions of the Mailscape 365: SPO reports Graph Data for more accurate reporting
  • Added graphs back to the Mailscape 365: Top 20 Mailboxes By Size report
  • Resolved customer-reported SQL errors when displaying some report types
  • Corrected labels in Mailscape 365: Office 365 Top 20 Mailboxes By Mailbox Size and Mailbox Statistics reports
  • Relabeled column headers in Mailscape 365: Office 365 Top 20 Mailboxes by Mailbox Size report
  • Addressed issue with Remote Probes not showing for latency reports
  • Resolved issue with Uniscope: Skype for Business Online Users report not generating
  • Resolved issues with Mailscape 365: ADFS authentication failures report not being generated
  • Improved layout of Insights Reports graphs for large in PDF For large Bar Charts
  • Added detailed data to database recovery error message
  • No longer show database recovery details when option is checked
  • Improved the size formatting for DLP and Transport reports to be more user friendly
Apr 25, 2016

Not just reporting... Insights!

  • A brand-new reporting engine that we're calling Insights delivers modern, fast reports with improved graphics, sorting, and filtering, PDF export, and more! We've moved more than a dozen of our most frequently used reports to the new Insights engine and will be moving additional reports to this engine in future releases.
  • New Active Directory Federation Services reports show you who's logging on and what kinds of logon errors and problems are occurring during your AD FS operations

Improved installation and setup experience

  • (Platform) We've rebuilt our product installers using the industry-standard InstallShield installer, giving you a faster, smoother install and upgrade experience. The new installer handles automatically installing many of the prerequisites on fresh installs and is significantly faster than our previous installer.
  • (Mailscape / Mailscape 365) We fully support the use of SSL for remote probes, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Improved server monitoring and alerting

  • (Platform) Added support for sending SNMP traps when the ENow Management System detects an exception. This allows you to integrate Mailscape, Mailscape 365, Foresite, Compass, and Uniscope with existing monitoring systems, including HP OpenView and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.
  • (Mailscape) Added support for monitoring disk performance counters
  • (Uniscope) Added full support for Skype for Business 2016, offering the same functionality as available in prior versions of Uniscope for Lync.
  • (Mailscape) Added full support for Exchange 2016.

Product improvements and fixes

  • Improved reporting for Office 365 licenses, with support for Sway, Delve Analytics, and other new workloads
  • Added an option to let you suppress alerts triggered by the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard (SHD)
  • Added support for using multiple email addresses to test cloud and hybrid mail flow
  • Resolve Issues when Default User Container is missing
  • Issue with License Owned Status Shows N/A
  • Corrected Abandoned Mutex issue causing web server issues
  • Allow overriding the choice of executable per agent
  • Resolve issues seen with the Mailscape 365 ActiveSync Reports
  • Resolved issue where customized reports don't update
  • Resolved issue with Mailscape 365 Where SharePoint online fails if URL has no “/” at the end
  • Resolved issue of mailscapeAgent2010.exe process hanging
  • Resolved issue with Top 20 mailbox report graph
  • Fixed users Who have Not Logged On report
  • Eliminate the need to license disabled and federated users with Uniscope
  • Build number chosen in honor of Prince Rogers Nelson. RIP, Prince, and thanks for the music.
Jan 6, 2016

Improved server monitoring and alerting

  • (Mailscape) We've added Remote Probes for on-premises Exchange. Based on our popular Remote Probes for Office 365, these lightweight agents remotely test specific functionality of your Exchange product, performing the same operations that Outlook clients do and reporting back to the ENow Webserver. Remote Probes are a great way to get location-specific information about if and how a service is up and running. For example, you can put Remote Probes on user workstations at remote facilities to give you real-time performance and latency information that ties into your overall monitoring. (Remote Probes are an add-on that requires separate licenses and are installed and managed through our new Remote Probe management dashboard, also included in this release).
  • (Mailscape) Delivered an all-new Managed Availability Dashboard for Exchange 2013/2016. This dashboard demystifies Managed Availability by summarizing the escalation actions started by Managed Availability and helping administrators quickly understand why those actions were started.
  • (Uniscope) Extended support for Skype for Business Online by introducing the following new functionality tests: peer-to-peer IM conversations, Lyncdiscover client auto-configuration, and sign-in tests. Each of these tests independently verify a specific piece of the functionality in Skype for Business Online by doing exactly what desktop and mobile clients do, giving you an accurate picture of your clients' ability to connect.
  • (Uniscope) Added preview support for Skype for Business 2015, offering the same functionality as available in prior versions of Uniscope for Lync. Because there are many different hybrid and mixed-version configurations of Skype and Lync, we're labeling this as "preview support" and will be continuing to improve our support for extended topologies throughout Q1 CY16.
  • (Mailscape) Added the ability to independently monitor and alert on individual Exchange databases for the following items: free volume space, backups, replay queues, copy queues and lag time (if applicable.)
  • (Mailscape) Added preview support for Exchange 2016, with full support coming later in Q1 2016.

Gain insight through powerful new reporting

  • Over 20 new Mailscape 365 reports including usage reports for Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, Office 365 platform services, and general usage statistics!
  • New Office 365 readiness reports help you identify users whose accounts may need remediation before you enable dirsync or federation so you can fix them first and avoid problems later.
  • New Compass Reports, including "Users Who Have Never Logged In"

Product improvements and fixes

  • Added support for a Non-Domain Admin Account to run the DirSync Attribute tests.
  • Added a new user interface for configuring the External Mail Flow tests, including providing support for using multiple test accounts
  • Optimized memory usage by the Mailscape Message Tracker.
  • Fixed a number of Foresite monitoring and reporting issues.
  • Choose any of the supported Active Directory custom attributes for directory synchronization testing in Mailscape 365
  • PowerShell 3.0 requirement now includes a requirement check and location of upgrade if needed
  • Improved support for lagged mailbox database copies
  • Remove calls to deprecated cmdlets from agents installed on Exchange 2013 and higher versions
  • Continued to streamline and improve the appearance of alert messages and reports
  • Resolved Issue with Exchange 2013 where the PAM functionality indicator alerts if DAG status is also alerting
  • Improved display of units (GB/MB) for Mailscape 365 reports
Dec 18, 2015


  • Handling of DAG DC Exceptions: Microsoft changed the way they report some types of DAG errors, resulting in Mailscape misidentifying those errors as critical events. We changed the way we parse DAG-related exceptions so that failure of one DAG member to reach a domain controller is no longer tagged as critical.
  • In some circumstances, the Mailscape monitoring dashboard was showing the same server name multiple times. This has been fixed.
  • Based on customer feedback, we have adjusted the default monitoring thresholds that Mailscape 365 uses for alerting on several Exchange Online parameters. If you have set explicit thresholds, these values will not be changed.
  • We improved handling of certain classes of exceptions that may occur during setup.
  • Mailscape, Mailscape 365, Compass, and Uniscope now require PowerShell version 3.0. Both upgrades and new installations will check for this dependency, and setup will block installation unless this version is present.
  • We fixed an issue related to credential handling for remote probe installation.
Oct 12, 2015


  • New Uniscope Web Based Reporting Wizard
    • Provides the ability to do ad hoc real time Lync reporting!
    • Rename report columns for better user experience
    • Allow for Ad Hoc reporting
    • Allow for multi-select for modality
    • Allow for Subscriptions
  • New Lync Response Group Reports
  • Lync DNS Monitoring Enhancements


  • New Mailscape 365 Remote Probes
    • Gives you visibility into the User Experience where the probe is installed.
    • Includes all the tests in our Cloud based tests.
  • Change the user Instructions for Office 365 test User
  • Added Latency Exclusions to the Platform
  • New Mailscape 365 Credential Verification Test
  • Enhanced Mailscape 365 Reporting by Adding over 30 new reports
    • Skype for Business Reports
    • SharePoint Online reports
    • Exchange Online Reporting
    • General Office 365 usage reports
  • Added Network Latency Trending to Mailscape 365
    • Added ability to store data in SQL
    • Created Web Based wizard to run latency reports
  • Added Alert Smart logic to Mailscape 365
    • This feature will cut down on false positives.
    • Addresses ActiveSync 111 Error sensitivity
    • Added Multiple retry logic for Mailscape 365 remote probes
  • Added detailed error log reporting to DirSync monitoring
    • Makes it easier to understand why synchronization is failing.
  • Add Categories to Organize the Mailscape 365 reports for Better user experience


  • Enhanced ENow Namespace Monitoring for Exchange 2013
    • Enhanced ENow Namespace Monitoring for Exchange 2013
    • New user friendly GUI configuration in the Enow Admin Console
    • Changed server layout to show on top level of the Dashboard for better user experience out of the box.
  • New Exchange Remote Probes
    • Test network connectivity remotely with Ports configured by user
    • Test outlook functionality such as RPC/http and MAPI/Http
    • Test ActiveSync Folder and Option commands remotely
  • Enhance Exchange Audit reports
    • Update parameters to account for all types of auditing


  • Enhance Remote Installer
    • Allow Local Systems for Compass installations with Remote Installer
    • Automatically grant log on as a service right
  • Optimize ENow Services
    • Reduce memory consumption
    • Set with Log On As Service Rights
    • Force recovery options for services
  • Improve User Experience with the ENow Admin Console
    • Addition of Enow Namespace Monitor Configuration
    • Re-wording of areas of the Office 365 settings for better user experience
    • Addition of the Network Probe configuration for Exchange Probes
Sep 8, 2015


  • New Uniscope Web Based Reporting Wizard
  • New Mailscape 365 Remote Probes
  • New Lync Response Group Reports
  • Lync DNS Monitoring Enhancements
  • ActiveSync 111 Error enhancements
  • Change the user Instructions for Office 365 test User
  • Added Latency Exclusions to the Platform
  • New Mailscape 365 Credential Verification Test
Jul 21, 2015


  • Fixed 2013 Exchange Quota Reports for Mailscape.
  • New enhanced installation.
  • Improved the CPU resource page to display more than 4 CPUs.
  • Remove .NET 2.0 support only support .NET 4.0 and higher for web server.
  • Added CAS Load Distribution Monitoring for Mailscape.
  • Added Service Health Dashboard for Mailscape 365.
  • Improved Outlook Anywhere Reports.
  • Improved ActiveSync Reporting.
  • Enhanced Mailscape 365 Reporting.
  • Added the Mailscape Web Based Report Wizard.
  • Improved IIS log scanning by changing to JSON file format for faster and more detailed log gathering.
  • Decreased resource utilization for ENow Office 365, ENow Lync, and ENow SQL Services.
  • Improved error handling of idle timeouts and retry logic for ENow Office 365, ENow Lync, and ENow SQL Services.
Jun 16, 2015


  • Mailscape Hotfix - Resolve OWA Logon 440 failure alerts



The MailScape Support Team is one of the best I have dealt with in my 16 years as a Messaging SME. For example, the business required a report that showed all Sent and Received messages for all mailboxes on only one of the many Exchange clusters in the organization. The report needed to show Sender and Recipient information, including the Subject, Message ID, and Date and Time stamp, for the past 30 days of emails in over 7k mailboxes. After just a few hours on the phone with support, these reports were created and ready to view from the web console. Yes, that's right people, they wrote them for me. - Kryste M. Olejniczak, Advance Auto Parts