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Why Enterprise Companies Choose Compass

The Active Directory is the foundation of your network, and it's crucial to identify any hidden issues in your system before it's compromised. Compass allows real-time network monitoring of your Active Directory and all domain controllers, helping you stay up and running with a single concise tool.

Ensures Active Directory Is Healthy 

Be sure that your Active Directory is healthy. Compass monitors DFS/FRS replication, DNS name resolution issues and helps troubleshoot problematic applications (expensive LDAP queries) to help you keep your AD running smoothly.
Ensures Active Directory Is Healthy
Provides Deep Visibility And Analytics

Provides Deep Visibility And Analytics

Compass provides over 50 reports that include an audit of the Domain Admins Group, an identificition and removal of inactive user accounts, and an identifaciton of FSMO roles, among other things.

Easy To Implement, Easy To Use

Compass is quick to install, and easy to use. It's a single concise tool that provides an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that helps identify issues before they become outages.
Easy To Implement, Easy To Use



"ENow's Mailscape software truly simplifies monitoring of your Exchange, Skype for Business, Active Directory, and SharePoint environments. It removes the white noise and gives you valuable data that is easy to understand and take action to resolve. The product is well thought out and designed in such a way base level administrators all the way up to the C level can understand their environments overall health. My personal favorite feature is their knowledge base. This allows the administrator to have 1 location to find a solution to a alerted issue. I recommend you install the product and give it a run."

James Davis, CrowdStrike


"We have been an ENow customer since 2010 and the Mailscape and Compass monitoring software has been life saver. It is truly a “set it and forget it” software! It is a single product that is able to provide many options, but didn’t need to be managed in a traditional way. We are able to support and manage our Blackberry, Exchange and Active Directory environment in a much more efficient manner from both a time and cost perspective. Mailscape allows us to be proactive in fixing issues before they become disasters."

Ken Lin, Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles


"Mailscape helped us to identify an AD problem, we manage the physical servers for 4 sites, and the network is out-sourced, the problem occurred when a new subnet was setup on the primary site and one site wasn't configured correctly on the router. Mailscape alerted the team to a replication issue with the 2 sites and on investigation the routing table on the new router was found to be incomplete. When investigating the issue with the help of the support team from Mailscape we re-organized the sites and services to maximize the replication topology." 

Marc Mizzoni, UHB NHS Foundation Trust


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