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Mailscape Graces the Cover of InfoWorld

J. Peter Bruzzese, InfoWorld’s Enterprise Windows column blogger, published an article yesterday highlighting Mailscape as compared to Microsoft’s SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) entitled “A better monitor for your mission-critical Exchange environment.” The article examines the trends taking place in the Microsoft infrastructure management tools market space, and how SCOM and Mailscape take different approaches to managing messaging systems.

His piece touches on the complexity of SCOM and the resources necessary to learn, install, and deploy such a comprehensive tool. While SCOM has everything and anything an Exchange Admin could wish for, it does not prove to be an effective tool for the first-line responders in organizations – the help desk operators. In comparison, Bruzzese examines the main benefits of a tool such as Mailscape; the key selling points being its ease of installation and graphical interface that is intuitive enough for the help desk to utilize. Bruzzese has historically been a supporter of Microsoft tools, but in this piece he takes a fresh look at SCOM in particular and asks a very poignant question that most Admins should ask themselves before purchasing a monitoring tool – can the front-line responders in your organization, typically the help desk, be able to use the tool to effectively diagnose problems?

Mailscape is an award-winning total systems management tool that combines all the key components for Exchange monitoring, reporting and administration into a single, intuitive solution. Mailscape’s web-based Dashboard that provides a birds’ eye view over your entire Exchange and BES environments makes it simple to quickly diagnose and solve problems before they affect end users. More importantly, it empowers everyone in an organization, from the Exchange Admin and CIO to the help desk, to be able to proactively monitor the messaging system.

Click here to read the article on Infoworld’s website.

About Enow Inc
ENow is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in high-end Exchange consulting and the development of software to simplify Exchange system management. The company’s flagship product is an innovative utility called Mailscape® that provides administrators with a ‘one-look dashboard view’ of the entire Exchange environment.