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World’s First YMCA Utilizes Mailscape’s Reporting to Control Operational Expenses

The United Kingdom is home to the world’s founding YMCA, which was established in London in 1844.

Today, Central YMCA is the UK’s leading ‘activity for health’ charity, offering a wide range of health, fitness, and wellness activities and programs. Apart from being the world’s first YMCA, it is distinctive among YMCAs for its health and education focus: Central YMCA manages London’s premier health and fitness club, awards over 70,000 qualifications nationally and internationally, and provides professional fitness and health training through their subsidiary charity, YMCAfit. Their One KX facility provides innovative arts and cultural activities and houses the company’s award-winning national touring theatre company Y Touring.

When the Head of Information Systems at Central YMCA first joined the organization, senior management presented him with this challenge: Improve the efficiency of the entire organization by streamlining all of the operations’ IT systems. As a nonprofit organization, efficiency in operations is paramount to ensure that as many people in the community as possible can benefit from all the health and fitness services Central YMCA provides. Since Central YMCA is the parent company of six highly diverse subsidiary operations, management wanted to control and ultimately reduce their IT service expenses by assigning costs to each operation’s department based on usage, not on the number of employees. Nick Gatt, Head of IS for Central YMCA, expounds upon the importance of such reports: “Senior management needed and wanted to understand the costs of IT resources [such as storage and bandwidth] that each department was incurring. I needed to be able to quantify the cost associated with each activity so that management could reduce their cost of operations.”

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