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ENow successfully concludes Active Directory Redesign project for Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble serves over 4 million college students and currently has over 600 national bookstores. In order to provide stable and fast network directory services, they decided that their Active Directory structure should be examined and improved. ENow Senior Systems Architects worked to not only improve performance but also improve security and reliability.

About Barnes & Noble College Booksellers
Today, Barnes & Noble College Booksellers serves more than four million students and 400,000 faculty members, and operates more than 600 campus bookstores nationwide for such top academic institutions as Harvard, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University, and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. We remain firmly rooted in a commitment to customer service and quality.

A well-run college bookstore is a focal point for campus life and learning: it enhances educational offerings, enlivens culture, and puts dollars back into your school. At Barnes & Noble, we leverage years of experience to build bookstores that succeed, and we deliver the service and solutions that bring exceptional value to your campus.

Barnes & Noble is the nation’s most trusted bookselling brand.
Textbooks have always been at the heart of what we do, yet we also strive to create an engaging retail environment that offers students a place to relax, study, and build collegiate spirit through athletic apparel and custom branded merchandise. We bring together industry-leading resources to enhance our operations—from creative, trend-setting merchandise to effective store design and marketing. And we’re committed to hiring and developing the very best in-store team to make sure that our stores are well stocked, efficiently managed, and effectively promoted.

We recognize the value of a partnership.
We work side-by-side with your school to understand your goals, build strategies for the future, and make sure that your bookstore meets the needs of your campus and community.

We are committed to building strong, successful bookstores.
Our campus outreach programs educate faculty and staff about the book ordering process and how it benefits their students. Our creative, forward-thinking marketing promotions create energy and excitement and drive traffic into our stores. And our Cash For Books program helps students save money while boosting our used book inventory.

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