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ENow successfully completes Exchange 2010 upgrade for Lucky 7 Casino

ENow is happy to announce the completion of another Exchange 2010 upgrade for Smith River Rancheria and Lucky 7 Casinos. The staff at these organizations knew that Microsoft Exchange 2010 offered many benefits and would make a great messaging platform. When deciding to find the right company to help them make the transition, they knew that experience mattered. That is the main reason why ENow was selected.

About Lucky 7 Casino

The Lucky 7 Casino is an enterprise of the Tolowa Indians of the Smith River Rancheria. They are located on the majestic, redwood-studded coastline of the beautiful, wild and scenic Pacific Ocean. The Rancheria was established in 1906 as the largest Rancheria in the State of California, consisting of 160 acres. During termination they lost all but a few acres of land, which consisted of an offshore rock, a cemetery, and a church. Today they have grown to over 500 acres of land in tribal ownership and over 1,200 tribal members.

About ENow Inc.
ENow is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in helping companies implement the latest Microsoft technologies and the development of software to make the IT administrator’s job easier. Our company’s flagship product is Mailscape®, an award winning Exchange monitoring and reporting tool that provides a dashboard view of the messaging environment. For more information about our company visit us on the web at www.enowinc.com

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