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Topcon Positioning Systems Chooses ENow’s Mailscape for Real-Time Visibility Into Exchange

topconMicrosoft Exchange monitoring and reporting solution leader ENow announced that Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. has selected its award-winning Mailscape tool for Exchange reporting and management.

With 30 locations in 12 different countries and more than 4,000 employees worldwide, the global leader in enterprise solutions needed a way to automate time-consuming manual processes, including Exchange status checks and other daily management tasks into real-time analytics.

The importance of email and other messaging components, especially among its remote users, made searching for a consistent and proactive method to monitor, respond and report potential slowdowns and outages critical. As Ernie Vega, one of Topcon’s head system administrators, put it, “Any outage, even five minutes, is huge.”

The ultimate challenge was finding an automated solution flexible enough to scale across a complex, multi-national enterprise, fast enough to provide real-time visibility, and detailed enough to get in front of potential productivity-disturbing issues.

One of Mailscape’s key selling points was its user-friendly dashboard, which continuously monitors Exchange servers and provides real-time results.

“The dashboard is huge for us,” Vega said. “If something (a KPI) is yellow or red, everyone can see it immediately.” Mailscape’s one-look dashboard provided Topcon’s IT team with the visibility to solve issues before end users noticed and before they escalated into system-wide problems.

In terms of support, Vega stated that an experienced ENow support team member was always available — whether at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. — and equipped with meaningful insights.

" With ENow, we have everything at our fingertips and can easily generate the reports that provide key data and analytics. "

Since implementation, Topcon has met its goal of 100% uptime. According to IT Manager Alex Pouteau, the company’s ability to perform daily administrative tasks for Exchange and Active Directory without investing human capital has freed admins to address other high-value tasks and rest easy that its communication servers were functioning properly. The team now receives considerably less calls about emails — “lightening the load,” Vega said.

“With ENow, we have everything at our fingertips and can easily generate the reports that provide key data and analytics,” Pouteau said. Beyond the immediate health of the Exchange and Active Directory systems, the data allows for better decisions toward additional services and expansion. Topcon has now rolled Mailscape out worldwide and continues to add new once-independent locations.