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Tony Redmond MVP

Tony Redmond MVP
Tony Redmond has been working with Exchange Server since Digital and Microsoft concluded the Alliance for Enterprise Computing in August 1995 and he found out that the OpenVMS-based email server that he was working on had just been superseded. He's written ten books on Exchange to date, including his latest "Inside Out" book on Exchange 2013 (Mailbox and High Availability) that appeared in October 2013. In addition, he has written literally hundreds of articles about different aspects of Exchange and has spoken at conferences such as TechEd, MEC, Exchange Connections, and HP's Technology Forum.
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Google beating Microsoft in mobile apps? Maybe for consumer, but not for business

The nice people at SurveyMonkey sent me a note about their blog post of 20 April titled “Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft struggles to compete on mobile” to outline the case...
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Lies, damn lies, and statistics obfuscate Office 365 numbers

Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics Only a statistician loves statistics and I am no statistician. However, it’s interesting to try to track the growth in Office 365 numbers...
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Improve Your Exchange Deployment by Learning from a Massive Scale

Exchange Online running on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform operates more than 100,000 servers to support some 60 million mailboxes. At least, that’s the best-guess estimate...
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The Future of the Exchange Administrator

Anyone who runs an on-premises Exchange environment today would be forgiven for wondering how long their job will last, at least in its current shape. The sales pressure from...
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