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13 Signs you are a System Admin

  1. You're always putting out multiple fires at once



  1. You’ve spent more time automating a process than you have saved by automating a process

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  1. You have very strong feelings towards PowerShell. Both good and *!@#$(&@!




  1. This happens at your typical meetings with non-sysadmins

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  1. Either your boss thinks “nothing works around here. Why do we even pay you?” or “Everything is working fine. Why do we even pay you?”

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  1. Exercise isn’t very high on your list of things to do




  1. You eat lunch at your desk

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  1. This is what you do when you see users login as root




  1. What happens when you give your Jr admin access to the server

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  1. Every single one of your projects ever




  1. You when you finish an all-nighter fixing an issue

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  1. You when watch movies with “hackers” in them

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  1. You try every quarter but are unable to persuade your company to buy the bandwidth necessary to load important pages like this faster than 30 seconds on your $hitty network.




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