What’s New at ENow – Product Releases for August 2021

It is our mission at ENow to optimize the service delivery of mission critical Microsoft collaboration platforms our customers need to meet their operational and business challenges. Below is a summary of the ENow’s key product releases and updates generally available for August 2021.

EMS 7.13.2 released August 2021

The EMS 7.13.2 release includes the following feature:

  • SLA Monitoring and Reporting for Microsoft 365 (Mailscape365): A comprehensive SLA monitoring and reporting feature allows customers to track Office 365 performance against Microsoft’s financially backed SLA. The feature provides proof customers need to obtain money back from Microsoft if the monthly SLA is not met. We prioritized this feature to help customers easily track the Office 365 SLA as a native way does not exist to ensure they have the proof Microsoft requires to easily submit for credits. This feature is considered first-of-its-kind within the competitive marketplace so it's a brand-new capability for ENow customers. Request a demo and see firsthand how you can track Office 365 SLA.

  • Azure AD Authentication Tests for Microsoft 365 (Mailscape365): A new Azure AD Authentication test that more closely mimics how users log into the Office 365 services. We prioritized this feature because this synthetic transaction will help customers spot when Microsoft has issues with Azure AD. This is important because oftentimes Azure AD issues are first reported as Exchange Online or Teams issues which means administrators waste time troubleshooting the wrong problem.

  • Recently Logged on Users Detail Report for Active Directory (Compass): The Recently Logged on Users Detail report scours domain controller logs to show the AD administrator each user's IP address, computer name, logon time, and logon type (e.g. remote or interactive). We prioritized this feature because customers that did not have expensive security information and event management (SIEM) platforms were not able to see what servers users logged into so the security posture of Active Directory could be audited.

  • Domain Controller Authentication Activity Report for Active Directory (Compass): The Domain Controller Authentication Activity report records the number of authentication attempts per day for each domain controller and the type of authentication protocol being used. We prioritized this feature to help administrators ensure that only secure protocols were being used and if not to pinpoint what domain controller needed to be secured.

Product release center

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What’s next on our roadmap?

ENow’s product release schedule remains agile, busy and exciting time ahead for ENow, customers, and partners. If you are a current ENow customer, please reach out to ENow Support. If you are a prospective customer, contact us today, and we are happy to share upcoming releases on our product roadmap.