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Important Update: You Need to Install AAD Connect ASAP!


Are you currently on AAD Connect If so, you need to act now. 

Microsofts AAD Connect version is causing serious issues regarding the Azure AD Connect Health feature. Azure AD Connect Health is a critical component when it comes to monitoring your on-premises identity infrastructure. It allows you to maintain a reliable connection to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft services by providing monitoring capabilities to your key identity components.  

Due to the severity of this bug and the importance of Azure AD Connect Health, users who updated to the version are strongly encouraged to immediately take action to minimize damage and remediate the issue. 

Fortunately, on March 31, 2021 Microsoft released AAD Connect which remediates the major bug issues affecting Azure AD Connect Health in the previous version. This update was released by Microsoft as a download only update and is not available for automatic update. In addition to these critical bug fixes, contains a lot of important new features including updates to software that allows users to use the new AAD V2 endpoint.

You can download the latest version of AAD Connect here.

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