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Are you Ready? Recover an Exchange 2010 Server in Your DAG

If you have ever been in a situation where you have lost a physical Exchange 2010 server from your DAG then this document is critical to your ability to recover this server. ...
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Configuring Anti-Affinity in Failover Clusters

Many customers nowadays are running a virtualized Exchange environment, utilizing Database Availability Groups, load balanced Client Access Servers and the works. However, I also...
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Patching DAG Nodes in Exchange 2010

Face it, most Exchange administrators look forward to their weekly patching projects about as much as you and I look forward to our next trip to the dentist. Throw in the extra...
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Exchange 2010 Site Disaster Recovery on a Shoestring Part 3: Performing the Backup, Restore, and Recovery

I began this series by explaining how to build a low cost site or datacenter disaster recovery solution with the new Database Availability Group (DAG) feature in Exchange...
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Exchange 2010 Site and Server Disaster Recovery on a Shoestring Part1: Building the Solution

  The answer is in this article -- I will explain how this can be accomplished with only two Exchange 2010 servers. In Part 1 we will discuss how to build the solution; then in...
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Exchange 2010 DAG Local and Site DR/Failover and Failback

  by Krishna Kumar, Exchange MVP Microsoft Exchange DR and High Availability features have evolved a long way to become DAGs in Exchange 2010. DAG provides the features to recover...
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