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MYTH: All monitoring responsibilities now fall on Microsoft

How did the Sharepoint OneDrive Teams Service Incident on April 18, 2022 affect your team? For most IT Pros and Microsoft 365 Administrators, it was a mess! Productivity came to a screeching halt and Help Desks were deluged. With the issue occurring near the end of the quarter; was your organization's communication affected? Or was your Executive Team panicking because they were working from home and suddenly cutoff from the rest of the world? 

While many believe the myth that ALL monitoring responsibilities now fall on Microsoft, most Executive Teams won’t buy it. In the end, IT is usually still on the hook and at risk for long-term reputational scarring across the organization.

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Microsoft 365 Monitoring Gaps

Microsoft 365 has a myriad of tools that have enabled organizations to increase productivity and company collaboration, especially in this work from home era.  However, when Microsoft 365 apps go down, as it did during the 9-hour Azure AD outage on March 15 (2021), company  productivity is hindered.  A remote workforce further magnifies this issue as collaboration systems like Microsoft 365 are heavily relied upon.

Luckily, Microsoft has made some great strides to improve native tools and overall user experience. However, there is still room for improvement.  No system is perfect, and although Microsoft 365 is an incredible tool, it's critical to fill the Microsoft 365 visibility gaps. 

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