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On-premises solutions

on-premises solutions

ENow provides real-time monitoring and reporting solutions for your on-premise environment. By measuring server application-specific elements, you have full control and visibility in granular detail.

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Hybrid cloud monitoring and analytics

For businesses that operate within a hybrid or fully cloud-enabled environment, ENow offers simple one-look dashboards for monitoring and in-depth reports for analysis.

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Hybrid cloud monitoring and analytics
End user experience

end-user experience

Through synthetic transactions, ENow provides a simplified and efficient way to ensure your end-user experience is consistent and seamless for Exchange on premises (Autodiscover, EWS, MAPI), ADFS, Office 365, and Exchange Online.

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Our software automatically tests the core functions that matter to your users. Identify issues before they cause outages.

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Over 700 reports to help you understand usage patterns and better plan for future needs.

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End-User Experience

Tired of chasing your tail tracking down performance issues when they are actually a network issue? Our UXP probes help you isolate where an issue is occurring and give you visibility into your sites.

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Provide the information your Help Desk, Management, NOC and UC teams need in real time

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Our solutions are easy to install and even easier to upgrade. Get up and running in under an hour!

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Here’s what our community is saying:

Crowdstrike enow testimonial

The product is well thought out and designed in such a way base level administrators all the way up to the C level can understand their environments overall health. My personal favorite feature is their knowledge base. This allows the administrator to have 1 location to find a solution to a alerted issue. I recommend you install the product and give it a run."

tech grey

ENow does exactly what it’s meant to do. It provides at-a-glance monitoring that helps admins see a problem quickly and get to the heart of the problem by drilling down and following the blinking red light breadcrumb trail. And then it goes beyond monitoring to provide reporting that can assist with Office 365 usage and adoption and even save money!

Wendys ENow Testimonial

Mailscape provides instant feedback of the health of the entire messaging environment. Real time monitoring on key functionality, like DAG health, is vital for any Exchange engineer. As a manager, I have instant feedback on all my Exchange servers and it allows me to make better use of my team’s time. Overall I have been very pleased with the product and I would recommend Mailscape to any enterprise messaging environment.”

Facebook ENow Testimonial

"Mailscape has been a great resource for us at Facebook, it's low footprint, super simple web user interface and flexible reporting has saved us hours and hours of time mucking around in powershell. One of the killer features that people don't talk about much is that you can configure it out of the box to reflect emails through your system, back off of gmail's infrastructure and alert you on end to end message delays. No more hearing from your users that email is slow without knowing first!"

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