Active Directory Monitoring

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Active Directory is the foundation of your network, and the structure that controls access to the most critical resources in your organization. The ENow Active Directory Monitoring and Reporting tool uncovers cracks in your Active Directory that can cause a security breach or poor end-user experience and enables you to quickly identify and remove users that have inappropriate access to privileged groups. While ENow is not auditing software, our customizable Active Directory reporting reduces the amount of work required to cover HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance audits.

Synthetic transactions actively probes and reports in real-time or historical for faults and failures across all critical AD components:

  • Network (LDAP port test, UDP port verification, global catalog port licensing, DNS domain record verification, DNS forest record check)
  • Services (Netlogon, DHCP, DNS and DFS, Kerberos Key Distribution Center, manual configurations)
  • Operating Systems (Disc space, CPU and memory, system and application log, Windows updates and patches)
  • AD Core (AD time service, replication, backup verification, LSASS, LDAP queries, crashes, failures – application, account creation, security policy, domain controller)