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Exchange Monitoring

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When issues arise with Exchange Server, there is a great deal at stake to ensure processes run smoothly and data remains secure. The ENow Exchange Monitoring and Reporting tool uncovers cracks in your Microsoft Exchange environment that can cause delays, malfunctions, and losses and enables you to quickly identify these deficiencies, issues, and root cause of outages. With over 250 customizable, granular reports, ENow empowers organizations to quickly understand their state of service delivery and have the needed detail to take-action when necessary.

ENow’s synthetic transactions actively probes and reports in real-time or historical for faults, failures, and outages across all key components of your Exchange environment:

  • Mailbox Servers (Storage, database health, services functionality, system capacity resources, network dependencies, OS services, backups, and mail flows)
  • CAS Health (ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere services)
  • DAG Status, Performance and Configuration – (Replication health, databases health, and managed availability alerting)