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Office 365 Monitoring

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Office 365 drives digital workplace maturity, but hidden availability, outages and performance issues can impact mission critical service and end user experience. One of the most difficult challenges IT teams face is that of pinning down what exactly is broken when technology a business depends on starts to go awry.

The ENow Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting tool uncovers cracks in your Microsoft Office 365 environment and enables you to identify any deficiencies, issues, and root cause of outages quickly and holistically. With an extensive list of built-in reports, ENow also gives you the ability to customize, create new, or save your own PowerShell scripts directly within our console using a wizard.

Advanced monitoring using synthetic transaction probes and reporting of all key components of your entire Office 365 environment, including:

  • Network – (Internal and external, connectivity tests, latency tests, TraceRoute tests)
  • Directory and Authentication – (Azure AD Connect, AD FS certificate, AD FS functionality / SSO tests, AD FS and DirSync OS, password sync tests)
  • Office 365 Administration – (Admin Portal Sign-on tests, PowerShell availability, certification, adoption, consumption)
  • Office 365 Services – (EXO, mail flow, client simulation, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Service Health)