6 Steps to Effective Microsoft 365 Licensing Optimization

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Keeping track of Microsoft 365 licensing for your organization can be a painful, time-consuming, and frustrating endeavor. Microsoft does a great job innovating and offering new products, however, keeping up with these licensing changes and managing new license SKU’s can be a full-time job without an automated reporting solution.

Therefore, Microsoft 365 licensing optimization presents two major opportunities for an organization. First, for procurement to optimize costs by purchasing only what is needed; Second, for the IT department to ensure end-users are adopting and utilizing what is purchased through ongoing license management techniques.

Ben Marshall, Global Product Lead for Microsoft Licensing at HP Inc., along with Jay Gundotra, Technical Founder and CEO of ENow Software, outline some tried and true best practices for Licensing Optimization.

Jay and Ben will guide you on how to:

  1. Achieve major cost savings with licensing optimization techniques, streamlined with leading edge Licensing Optimization Reports.
  2. Eliminate License Sprawl and prevent over-purchasing from happening again in the future.
  3. Manage license purchase and usage more efficiently with a reporting tool that provides visibility into utilization, that can recommend Candidates for Licensing Optimization.



Ben Marshall

Global Product Lead for Microsoft Licensing at HP Inc.

Ben Marshall is the Global Product Lead for Microsoft Licensing at HP Inc. where he oversees the direct and indirect licensing business through Microsoft’s CSP Program. Ben, and his team, works with end-customers and resellers alike to improve IT spend while providing a documented return on investment. Ben has over 30 years of experience in both large IT organizations as well as global IT service providers where he has created several revenue streams from products and services in which the end customer stretched their IT budget between 20% to 60%.

Jay Gundotra profile image

Jay Gundotra


As Technical Founder and CEO, Jay is responsible for setting the global strategic direction of the organization. A customer-centric business executive, Jay is committed to ENow’s core values – Grow or Die, Keep Your Word, Be Relentless, and Over-deliver – to help drive a growth mindset culture, create greater impact, and build superior client experiences. Well-respected within the Microsoft MVP community, Jay’s extensive 20+ years of experience in Unified Communications, network management, and cloud computing is the driving force behind ENow’s continued growth and success in delivering effective monitoring and analytics software to clients worldwide.

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