On-Demand Webinar
Entra ID Governance:
Best Practices for
Real-World Success

📅 Recorded on April 24th, 2024
🌐 On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Details

Microsoft Entra ID. The platform to rule all Identity platforms, but are you strong enough to tame the beast that is Identity and Access Management in the Microsoft realm?  
We want you; the IAM Admin, the Consultant, the Engineer, the Architect, to all benefit from a Best Practice Framework. Afterall, mastering Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the Microsoft ecosystem demands more than just familiarity with the platform—it requires expertise in Entra ID Governance. 

Microsoft MVPs and experts Alistair Pugin, and Nicolas Blank explore the essential Entra ID governance best practices for effectively implementing and managing Microsoft Entra ID in real-world scenarios. Drawing from a decade of practical, hands-on experience with Entra ID (A.K.A. - Azure Active Directory), we will share key strategies and methodologies to streamline Entra ID deployment while ensuring adherence to compliance, bolstered security, and operational efficiency.  

In this session, they cover: 

  • Defining Clear Policies and Roles 
  • Implementing Robust Access Controls 
  • Designing and enforcing access control mechanisms 
  • Harnessing Entra ID features 
  • Monitoring and Auditing Mechanisms 
  • Addressing User and App Lifecycle Management Challenges 
  • Role Mapping and Privileged Access Management 
  • Plus, a plethora or additional insights (as much as we can fit into 60 minutes) 

Through practical illustrations and use cases, attendees will gain actionable insights into navigating complex IAM challenges and implementing effective Entra ID governance protocols. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to establish a secure, compliant, and efficient IAM framework using Microsoft Entra ID. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn these best practices!



Nicolas Blank

Founder, Group CEO, Architect, Podcaster, Author, MVP Office Apps & Services, MVP Azure, MCM & MCSM Messaging at NBConsult

Nicolas is the founder, as well an architect, author and speaker focused on Office 365 and Azure at NBConsult Group in South Africa, England and Hong Kong. Nicolas is a Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange and Office 365, Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Office Apps and Services since March 2007.

Nicolas has co-authored the Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Framework, published by Microsoft; “Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution”, published by Sybex and available on Amazon; as well as authoring “Azure Site Recovery: IaaS Migration and Disaster Recovery”, published by Pluralsight.


Alistair Pugin

M365 + Security MVP | Blogger | Podcaster | Speaker | CTO - NBConsult

Alistair has worked in various capacities in multiple verticals from retail-manufacturing to government, spanning 50 to 50000 users utilizing all aspects of pure Enterprise Information Management.

Specialties: 20+ years pure IT, 16 years ECM, Livelink, Zylab, SharePoint, FileNet, etc. IT Pro dabbling in Dev, ECM Consultant, Suffering from Technophilia.

Technology Architect specializing in Business Productivity Enrichment.