Simplify GAL Sync: 3 Tips for Quick and Easy Integration

Recorded: February 28th, 2024 

Webinar Details

Discover the secrets to effortless Global Address List (GAL) syncing!

Speed to market is paramount when it comes to M&As and unifying your tenants. Syncing your GAL and getting new business units up and running is literally the cost of doing business. This webinar unveils the hidden challenges lurking behind manual GAL syncing. Hosted by Garth Fisher, ENow’s seasoned technical pre-sales engineer, who has over two decades of experience, equipping him with insights into the nightmares that await those who dare to tread the manual path. 

In this exclusive session, Garth and co-host Robert Hinger, ENow’s Enterprise Technical CSM, will guide you through real-world scenarios and showcase how ENow’s GALsync tool simplifies syncing woes into a streamlined and successful endeavor. You'll gain invaluable knowledge, including: 

  • Tales of GAL syncing gone awry – straight from the field. 
  • The critical importance of nailing GAL syncing right from the start. 
  • Important considerations for a hybrid environment. 
  • The transformative power of automation in scenarios like Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, migrations, and across various communication protocols. 
  • How the ENow GALsync solution makes sense for your organization 

If your organization is undergoing corporate M&A or migration waters, this webinar is your lifeline to success. ENow can help you properly navigate and provide essential tips for steering clear of pitfalls, thereby positioning your company for a seamless integration that meets your project scope timeline! 


Garth Fisher

Garth Fisher

Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, ENow

Garth Fisher is a seasoned Technical Sales Engineer with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. Currently, he serves as a Technical Sales Engineer at ENow Software, where he plays a pivotal role in helping Clients understand their environments, scope their technology requirements and ensure successful project engagements.

Prior to his role at ENow, Garth held various technical positions at several Microsoft 365 management and migration vendors. His diverse background includes experience in course instruction, customer success engineering, and consultancy roles, where he honed his creative problem-solving abilities and his dedication to delivering top-notch service to clients. With a track record of successful project implementations and a passion for technology, Garth is a valuable resource for organizations undergoing cloud transformation projects.


Robert Hinger

Enterprise Technical Customer Success Manager, ENow

Robert Hinger is an accomplished IT professional with a robust background in IT Operations, specializing in optimizing Microsoft Collaboration infrastructure for organizations. Starting his IT journey at just 14 years old performing data backups, he has a talent for articulating technical concepts to diverse audiences. Robert excels in bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders responsible for enhancing service delivery and gaining deeper insights into Teams, Active Directory, Exchange, and other Microsoft 365 Workloads. Leveraging his extensive experience in client engagement, he collaborates closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and implements solutions that streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs. Passionate about technology and dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals, he is a results-driven collaboration expert ready to optimize IT infrastructure and boost productivity.