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End User Experience Monitoring & Analytics


Through synthetic transactions, ENow provides a simplified and efficient way to ensure your end-user experience is consistent and seamless for Exchange on premises (Autodiscover, EWS, MAPI), ADFS, Office 365, and Exchange Online.

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On Premises Solutions


ENow provides real-time monitoring and reporting solutions for your on-premise environment. By measuring server application-specific elements, you have full control over and visibility in granular detail.

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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring & Analytics


For businesses that operate within a hybrid or fully cloud-enabled environment, ENow offers simple one-look dashboards for monitoring and in-depth reports for analysis.

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Crowdstrike ENow testimonial

The product is well thought out and designed in such a way base level administrators all the way up to the C level can understand their environments overall health. My personal favorite feature is their knowledge base. This allows the administrator to have 1 location to find a solution to a alerted issue. I recommend you install the product and give it a run."

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