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Microsoft’s Deadline to Upgrade Unsupported Exchange Servers is Nearing

Microsoft Deadline to Upgrade Unsupported Exchange Servers is Nearing

Image of Edward van Biljon
Edward van Biljon

Patching Exchange servers. Three words a lot of us wish would just go away forever. Well, the good news is, in some capacity patching old Microsoft Exchange servers will become a thing of the past. We’ve heard about this tirelessly for years in the tech community, from Microsoft themselves to Microsoft MVP’s and thought leaders, but it’s not just ‘talk’ anymore – it’s rapidly turning into reality.

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Microsoft Exchange Zero Day feature image

October Exchange Zero Day - Everything You Need to Know and Do

Image of Michel de Rooij
Michel de Rooij

Early August 2022, the Vietnamese organization GTSC Cyber Security noticed anomalies in their SOC and they discovered their Exchange servers were under attack. They quickly determined the attack utilized an unpublished Exchange security vulnerability. Due to earlier Exchange attacks GTSC quickly uncovered the vulnerability and Microsoft was informed about the vulnerability at this time.

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