Award Winning Active directory Monitoring & Reporting

Proactively Monitor Active Directory

Generate Reports
Monitor all critical components of AD from a single pane of glass. 

Protect Active Directory

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Active Directory is the foundation of your network, ENow helps keep it safe.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Hub
A plethora of built-in reports, customizable to meet your organization's unique needs.

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active directory monitoring

ENow's OneLook dashboard displays all vital components of Active Directory,  enabling IT Pros to quickly identify issues before they become outages.

Prevent Common AD Problems

ENow's synthetic transactions actively probes for faults and failures across all critical AD components: domain controllers, replication DNS, and more!  This helps avoid the following problems:
  • Inconsistent Directory due to Replication issues
  • Logon failure & Account Lockouts
  • Name resolution and DNS issues 
  • Application, Account creation and Security Policy Failure
  • Domain Controller failure and Application Failure
  • Inconvenient logging & auditing
  • AD crashes lead to network downtime

ENow monitors all the key components in your environment, including:


  • LDAP port test
  • UDP port verification
  • Global catalog port licensing
  • DNS domain record verification
  • DNS forest record check


  • Netlogon
  • DHCP
  • DNS, and DFS
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center
  • Manual configuration of additional services

Operating Systems

  • Disk space monitoring
  • CPU and memory monitoring
  • System and application log
  • Windows update and patches

AD Core

  • Active Directory time service
  • Replication monitoring
  • Backup verification
  • LSASS monitoring
  • Expensive LDAP queries

Protect Active Directory


Improved Security awareness

ENow empowers you to remove users that have inappropriate access to privileged groups (Schema Admins, Domain Administrators) and see what users are doing across your environment.

Simplify Compliance Audits

While ENow is not an auditing software, our reports reduce the amount of work required to cover HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance audits.
More than 30 built in reports that enable IT Pros to quickly audit AD resources to ensure that IT staff have appropriate rights. Replication monitoring helps detect if there is an issue stopping security changes from going into effect.


Active directory reporting

Compass helps you understand and optimize your Active Directory by giving you:


gain Visibility

ENow's advanced reporting provides both real-time data and historical trends. This enables IT Pros to accurately forecast necessary resources to meet growing demands and determine if service levels are being met.

Active Directory Reporting

ENow's solution has a wide variety of Active Directory reports that are customizable to meet your organization's objectives including: 


  • Home drive
  • Logon script
  • Fine grained password policies
  • Disabled and locked out accounts

Account Activity

  • Last logon time
  • Inactive user logons
  • Users that have never logged on
  • Users who must change password at next logon


  • Administrative group membership
  • Top 10 largest groups
  • Unmanaged and empty groups
  • Groups by managers


  • System computers by last logon time
  • Group policy
  • Modified computers
  • Sites, subnets, and links

ENow's solutions Speak for themselves


Global clients


Mailboxes monitored weekly


Transactions monitored weekly

"Providing support for an infrastructure that spans multiple countries can be a daunting task. From the first day we implemented ENow we’ve recorded lower reaction time to issues and better compliance with our SLAs. Compass has allowed us to react quicker and be proactive. A great product from a great company!”

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