ENow's Office 365 Monitoring Solution Overview

Detect Office 365 Outages

Ensures Office 365 outages are detected before your end-users start flooding the help desk.

Monitor Hybrid Components

Monitoring of critical Hybrid components in the end-to-end user experience of Office 365.

Office 365 Reporting Hub

ENow's centralized reporting enables admins to obtain key data spanning across their environment. 

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Detect Outages Quickly

Outages in a cloud based world often leave admins in the dark, ENow turns the light back on


Native Tools Limitations

Microsoft’s native tools, like the Service Health Dashboard, often do not provide outage information in a timely manner. This causes many IT Pros to turn to Twitter for official updates. 
ENow’s Office 365 Monitoring solution monitors your entire environment from a single pane of glass. When an outage does occur, ENow allows you to determine if the outage is a Microsoft problem or a "you" problem. 

Office 365 Monitoring by Region

In contrast to an on-premises outage, Office 365 outages are often localized to a certain region(s). 
Easily install a remote probe on a workstation to  visually map service status for regions your users are in. When outage occurs you can quickly isolate which subset of your users are affected. 

Office 365 Monitoring by Apps

Office 365 contains a wide variety of Apps like Teams, One Drive, SharePoint, and more! 
ENow's synthetic transactions mimic end users key behaviors with Office 365 apps. For example, one of our Teams synthetic transaction tests the ability to create and post to a channel. With Exchange Online we test the ability to send and receive mail.

cOMPREHENSIVE office 365 mONITORING OF Your entire environment


  • Internal & External Monitoring
  • Connectivity Tests
  • Latency Tests
  • TraceRoute Tests
  • Office 365 Workload Connectivity
  • Intermediate Network Monitoring

Directory & Authentication

  • Azure AD Connect
  • AD FS Certificate Monitoring
  • AD FS Functionality Test (Single Sign-On)
  • AD FS & DirSync OS Monitoring
  • Password Synchronization Tests

Office 365 Administration

  • Admin Portal Sign-On Test
  • PowerShell Availability Test
  • Office 365 Adoption Metrics
  • Office 365 Certification
  • Office 365 License Management

Office 365 Services

  • Exchange Online
  • Mail Flow Tests
  • Client Simulation 
  • SharePoint Online & OneDrive
  • Teams Call Quality Monitoring 
  • Enhanced Service Health Dashboard

Monitor Hybrid Components

Microsoft once reported that over 52% of Outages are client-side

ENow's Mailscape dashboard

Office 365 honeymoon phase

When cloud-based services like Office 365 first came to market over a decade ago, we all bought the pitch that the cloud would be cheaper and require no management. However, the honeymoon phase soon came to a screeching halt.
You soon realized that Microsoft does not bear all responsibility. Hybrid components and the network can certainly lead to Office 365 outages. 

On-Premises Components

On-premises components such as AD FS, PTA,  and Exchange Hybrid are critical in the end-to-end user experience of Office 365. In addition, something as trivial as expiring Exchange or AD FS certificates can certainly lead to an outage.
ENow proactively monitors hybrid components, giving you early warning when hybrid components are reaching a critical state or a certificate expiration is coming up. Alert thresholds are customizable to your organizations needs.

Network Monitoring

ENow's network monitoring determines if your network is preventing connectivity to Office 365. With more users working from home it's possible that VPN's taxed your network, disrupting connection or causing latency to Office 365.

Custom office 365 reporting capabilities

Don't be constrained by the limited native Office 365 reports


Office 365 Reporting hub

While Office 365 does have built in reports, they are often quite limited and do not offer the insights vital to many organizations. This leaves many admins scrambling to create manual reports with no central repository. 

ENow has an extensive list of built in Office 365 reports and dashboards that can be personalized for all your key stakeholders. Don't see a report you need? No problem, we have a PowerShell Wizard that you can use to create desired reports. 

Track Office 365 Consumption 

ENow highlights license consumption rate by license type over various time frames. Obtain license count in relation to specific groups or departments.
In addition,  you can also drill down into specific Office 365 apps like Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.


PowerShell Reporting  wizard

Given the breadth of Office 365 and each organizations unique needs, you may need to utilize PowerShell to obtain the desired data.
ENow's built in PowerShell wizard enables IT Pros to store and run their Exchange On-Premises, SharePoint Online, and other Office 365 apps directly to the ENow reporting hub

Sample of our built in reports:

Migration Planning & Implementation

  • Delegate Permissions
  • Public Folder Last Access Report
  • Users With Nonmatching UPN & SMTP 
  • MAPI / HTTP Test
  • Mail Flow (Internal & External)

Teams Reports

  • Historical Teams Call Quality
  • Teams With Guest Members
  • Teams Activity by User
  • Teams Channels List
  • Teams Groups
  • Teams Without Owners

Licensing & Adoption

  • License Cost By Type
  • Licensed Users
  • License Workload Usage By User
  • License Consumption Rate
  • License Optimization Candidates

Mailbox & Message Traffic Reports

  • Top senders, recipients and message sizes
  • Stale and unused mailboxes
  • Distribution list activity, size, and composition
  • Internet and internal activity, message counts, and sizes

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"One of our biggest concerns with running a hybrid environment is knowing when something needs attention and where. ENow gives us crystal clear clarity into what our environment. Installation of ENow is very straight forward and the support has been responsive and knowledgeable the few times we have needed them. This software gets the job done and done well."

- Nate Keegan


ENow truly simplifies monitoring of Hybrid environments.  It removes the white noise and gives you valuable data that is easy to understand and take action to resolve.

When Office 365 service outages occur, the ability to answer managements question and update end users with interim solutions is invaluable."

- IT Architect, Financial Services


Out of the box, Office 365 built-in reports were not providing the level of detail our organization required.

ENow clearly understand the life of an Office 365 admin and had nearly all reports we needed. The PowerShell module enabled us to fill the remaining gap.

- Infrastructure Engineer, Healthcare

ENow is deployed in 130+ countries, monitors over 550 million mailboxes,
and 22 billion transactions per week

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