About Us

When Jay Gundotra founded ENow in 2004, the goal was simple: Transform the chaos and complexity of Microsoft service outages into a simple visual dashboard that delivers immediate actionable insights needed to solve issues quickly. Jay's domain knowledge and firsthand experience as a Microsoft Exchange administrator have been the key ingredients in making the complex simple for businesses. The result is an award-winning platform that optimizes the service delivery of mission-critical Microsoft collaboration platforms while increasing morale and productivity in the IT department.

ENow specializes in optimizing the service delivery of mission-critical Microsoft collaboration and identity infrastructure. Our digital experience monitoring and analytics for Entra ID, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 transform the way IT supports these complex services, enabling organizations to improve service delivery, increase workplace productivity, and lower total cost of ownership while maintaining robust security against unauthorized access. Unlike Microsoft native tools, ENow’s OneLook dashboard and App Governance Accelerator provide comprehensive and unbiased data out of the box so you can get a meaningful picture of your Productivity and Application Security postures.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ENow is trusted by many large enterprises, including the National Basketball Association, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, Experian, Barclays, and Volkswagon. ENow’s software manages over 550 million employees in over 130 countries, and its technologies monitor over 22 billion transactions per week.

Jay Gundotra

Jay Gundotra,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As Technical Founder and CEO, Jay is responsible for setting the global strategic direction of the organization. A customer-centric business executive, Jay is committed to ENow’s core values – Grow or Die, Keep Your Word, Be Relentless, and Over-deliver – to help drive a growth mindset culture, create greater impact, and build superior client experiences.

Well-respected within the Microsoft MVP community, Jay’s extensive 20+ years of experience in Unified Communications, network management, and cloud computing is the driving force behind ENow’s continued growth and success in delivering effective monitoring and analytics software to clients worldwide.

Chris Young

Chris Young,
Head of Engineering

Chris Young leads ENow's Engineering department. His career encapsulates several decades of dedication to not just building software but also constructing formidable teams and refining development processes. His dedication to engineering is matched by a profound commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Chris believes that the foundation of any successful engineering endeavor is the team behind it. He is a proponent of servant leadership, always supporting and uplifting team members, providing them with the tools and environment necessary for their success. He holds that processes should be living frameworks, evolving with the team's needs and industry demands.

With an eye always on the horizon, and a close pulse on customer feedback, he continues to push the boundaries of what an aligned and agile engineering team can achieve.