ENow software

A little bit about our history


 ENow is the leading provider of Office365 Management that helps save money and increase end user productivity. We bust the myth that moving to the cloud is cheaper and requires no management or optimization.

Unlike Microsoft native tools, ENow gives you a single dashboard with comprehensive and unbiased data out-of-the-box so you can get a meaningful picture. Unlike other Office365 management tools, ENow is the only solution with monitoring, reporting, license management and security in a single dashboard.

ENow has been a leader in Microsoft monitoring and management technologies for 15 years, with hundreds of enterprise customers including Experian, Barclays, VMWare, and the Veterans Administration. ENow customers manage over 550 million employees and our technologies help manage over 22 billion transactions a week.


Jay Gundotra, Founder & CEO

Jay Gundotra is the technical founder and CEO of ENow, a leader in the Microsoft systems management space. With over 20 years of experience in Unified Communications and Network computing, he has led ENow to deliver effective monitoring and analytics software to customers in over 130 countries. This has included enterprise companies like Coca Cola, Volkswagen, NYSE, Facebook, DirectTV, CBRE, NBA and Wendy’s..


JUSTIN HARRIS, Vice President of Product

Justin has over 22 years of experience in the Microsoft identity and collaboration stack. Additionally, he has experience helping organizations shift to a cloud delivery model. Previously Justin was the Director of Innovation at Binary Tree where he spearheaded an award-winning SAAS offering (Power365) that made it easier to migrate between Office 365 tenants. Justin is one of a handful of technical professionals globally that have been recognized with the Microsoft MVP award for evangelism efforts and obtained the Microsoft Certified Master certification.


Curtis Blake, Founder & Principal Architect

Over thirty years of software development experience, specializing in product development and creating new products and helping bring them to market. He is directly responsible for all software development at Enow. Prior to that time, he was a Principal Engineer at GigaTrust in Herndon, VA, where he was a founding software developer for this startup, whose mission is to extend the functionality of Microsoft’s Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. He solely developed their IRM capability for BlackBerry smartphones. He was involved with extending IRM to Sharepoint and other web sites, as well as various versions of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and was primarily responsible for the infrastructure layer that applications use to access Microsoft’s IRM APIs and general Cryptography APIs.


Mike Kinney, Vice President of Sales

As a results-oriented, hands-on business executive Mr. Kinney has a history of driving accelerated growth and rebuilding underperforming teams. His broad leadership experience in the complex sales environment is complemented by his background in account management, client services, marketing and sales operations. In Vice President and Global Executive positions for the past fifteen (15) years, Mr. Kinney has brought his extensive experience, team-building skills, and talent for defining and executing growth plans to the business process outsourcing service industry specializing in HCM, RPO, and Staffing verticals.