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Active Directory Security Playbook

ENow software and Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer have collaborated and developed a focus for admins and derived five carefully curated recipes from Sander's published Active Directory Administration Cookbook: Proven Solutions to Everyday Identity and Authentication Challenges for Both On-Premises and the Cloud. We’ve also developed a sixth, brand-new recipe with Sander which addresses specific pain points and simplifies monitoring Domain Controllers for performance and behavior problems.

Download today to see what you can whip up and action on with these carefully curated Active Directory Security recipes!

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Mastering Call Quality in Microsoft Teams

For most organizations, Microsoft Teams has become a business-critical platform for calls, meetings, messaging and more. As Microsoft Teams adoption progressed beyond just messaging and chats, it has became central to collaboration both internally and outside the organization. As a result, IT departments are tasks to deliver high call quality for Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft has continued to make enhancements to improve voice and call quality that has increased adoption and deliver high quality calling experiences by providing native tools such as the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) and Call Analytics to access this data. Unfortunately, it can be hard to understand what to do with this data.

Download this eBook to dive deeper into the main factors that influence Microsoft Teams calling quality, how to use the native Microsoft Teams call quality tools and much more!

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Addressing the Monitoring Gaps in Microsoft 365

Microsoft continues to invest huge amounts of money in growing the reach and expanding the size of Microsoft 365. They’re adding new services and capabilities, expanding into new regions, and ramping up their marketing efforts to capture more (and larger!) customers. Along with all these activities, they are continuing to slowly enhance their included monitoring tools. However, the nature of cloud services means that customers will never get the complete
visibility they need from Microsoft’s own tools; there are some components, such as hybrid services, that must be monitored from the customer side. In addition, customer-centered monitoring of service availability and quality is critical to detecting and resolving problems no matter their origin.

In this whitepaper, we talk about the importance of going beyond traditional monitoring solutions. ENow's Microsoft 365 monitoring platform provides visibility so that users remain productive. It monitors Microsoft 365, your on-premises hybrid services, and remote locations, on a single pane of glass - providing a single, easy-to-use, view of everything that you need to check.

Download today to start addressing the gaps in your Microsoft 365!

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Troubleshooting 101: Resolving Microsoft 365 Service Issues Fast

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular cloud services to build, manage and deploy applications. The Microsoft cloud hosts all types of business-critical IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS workloads for many enterprises worldwide. A shift to Microsoft 365 drives digital workplace maturity, but hidden availability, outages and performance challenges impact service and end-user experience.

While the promise of the cloud is only getting stronger, the challenge of Microsoft 365 performance management continues to be a concern for IT teams. In every stage of cloud adoption – testing, migration, optimization, adoption, etc. – it is important to ensure that performance does not degrade. Whether cloud-only or hybrid cloud infrastructure is used, holistic performance visibility is required to ensure successful service delivery and achieve high efficiency.

ENow has extensive technical expertise in providing unmatched visibility into real-time data and optimizing the service delivery of mission critical Microsoft collaboration platforms. Our monitoring and reporting solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, and Microsoft 365 transforms the way administrators manage these complex services.

We have prepared this white paper to help you troubleshoot tough IT problems, understand native tool gaps, assess your current strategy, and identify a clear, actionable picture of the state of your cloud services.  

Download today to start resolving Microsoft 365 service issues fast!