Monitor Exchange, Hybrid, Office 365

Put the end users at the heart of your monitoring solution

ENow's synthetic transactions mimic end-user behavior by pro-actively testing common actions for various Office 365 applications. In addition to Office 365 applications, IT departments can monitor other SaaS applications their organization utilizes.

Exchange Online
Exchange On-Premises
Power BI
SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams

Monitor Remote Locations

Mature monitoring of end-to-end scenarios to visually map service status for a specific user in a specific location.

Quickly install on any workstation
Synthetic transactions mimic a specific end users experience
Easily isolate the problem


Improve Service Availability

Comprehensive Outage Detection

In a cloud based world, outages are often localized to a certain region or a specific application. While Microsoft's service health dashboard does provide information on service status of it's cloud services; it has no visibility into the service on your side like your hybrid servers and the network.

ENow paints the whole picture my monitoring all critical components of your environment. This enables IT departments to pinpoint issues down to the root cause, decreasing Mean-Time-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR).

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A few words from our customers


"One of our biggest concerns is knowing when something needs attention and where. ENow gives us crystal clear clarity into what our environment is doing. Installation of ENow is very straight forward and ENow support has been responsive and knowledgeable the few times we have needed them. This software gets the job done and done well."

- Nate Keegan, Mailscape User


"We have a huge exchange infrastructure of around 50000 mailbox users. From the first agent installation, we picked up some possible issues that we were not aware of and fixed them before it became a major problem. We are also moving to the cloud. ENow plays a major role in the seamless transition. I highly recommend this product and the ENow team is the greatest."

- Maartin Groenewald, Barclays


"ENow's software truly simplifies monitoring of your Exchange, Skype for Business, Active Directory, and Office 365 environments. It removes the white noise and gives you valuable data that is easy to understand and take action to resolve."

- James Davis, Crowdstrike

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