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Jonathan Hassell

Jonathan Hassell
Jonathan Hassell has 15+ years in information technology and 11+ years in computer and Internet publishing, he is an author, consultant and speaker on a variety of IT topics. His published works includes Learning Windows Server 2003 from O'Reilly, and his work appears regularly in such periodicals as Windows IT Pro, PC Pro and TechNet Magazine. He also speaks worldwide on topics ranging from networking and security to Windows administration. His specialties are: information technology, Microsoft, Windows, server, SharePoint, enterprise, communications, book publishing, editing, acquisitions, analysis and reporting, writing. You can follow Jonathan via twitter (@jghassell) or his blog www.jonathanhassell.com.
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Tips for Elegantly Departing Employees’ Mailboxes

While handling employee separation is generally a process controlled or handled by human resources, IT has to get involved somehow to manage email, contacts, and other knowledge...
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Continuum for Phones: The Coolest Feature Release From Microsoft No One Is Talking About Yet

Imagine this scenario. You have in your hands a device that’s about five and a half inches from the top-left corner to the bottom right. It’s fairly thin, maybe a quarter of an...
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The Future of Software Defined Networking in Windows

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about networks and connectivity, especially, about how software defined networking is going to change the traditional networking landscape and...
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The Cloud Feature Gap

The cloud is here to stay, and Microsoft is gearing up to be a huge player in this space. For example, the Office 365 service is growing by double digits. But what happens when...
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What's New in Hybrid Exchange 2013 On-Prem & Exchange Online Deployments

Now that Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 is out, many organizations are beginning to seriously evaluate the latest iteration of Microsoft’s messaging platform. Many of these...
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