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Returning to Work and the Meeting Room

Over the past year, many organizations have adopted entirely new collaboration systems then what they had a year ago (if they even had one at all). As employees start to return to...
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Mastering Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

Teams Reporting: Mastering Microsoft Teams with PowerShell There is no denying that as IT Pros we are writing more ‘code’ than ever before. I like to think of this an an evolution...
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ENow's Top 12 Posts of 2020

As we start off 2021, we thought it would a perfect time to look back at the ENow Solution Engine blog results for 2020. It was an interesting year to say the least. Many of us...
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What We've Learned Working Remote Over the Past 8 Months in 2020

It’s no secret that the IT landscape has changed dramatically over the past 8 months. Due to the pandemic, organizations have had to pivot overnight, and what was hoped to be a...
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Microsoft Teams Call Queues

For many people who are moving to Microsoft Teams for Enterprise Voice, a major component that needs to be addressed is Call Queues. Other PBX systems might call these Hunt...
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Why Your Approach to Microsoft Teams Governance is Wrong

Why your approach to Teams governance is wrong  Yes, you read that right. The title is not a question or suggestion, but a statement of fact. Right now, you must be thinking I...
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Exchange on-premises and Microsoft Teams

Exchange on-premises and Microsoft Teams With the work from home going on due to the COVID-19 crisis there’s an increasing demand for tools like Zoom, Skype for Business and...
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Microsoft Teams for Business vs. Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft Teams for Education With the COVID-19 situation impacting the world in 2020, many, if not all, learning institutes are turning to remote learning and some schools and...
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PowerShell for Teams Reporting

Hello from the bunker! I assume most of you will be reading this blog post from my future, and hopefully the world has returned to something closer to “normal”. By normal, I mean...
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10 Microsoft Teams Tips for End Users

With the current pandemic of COVID-19, many people are working outside of their normal office and are needing to stay connected to co-workers. For a lot of organizations, this...
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