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Best Practices for Effective SharePoint Governance

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ENow Software

There’s little doubt that SharePoint is an indispensable Microsoft 365 collaboration platform. Playing a key role in the ability to achieve business objectives, SharePoint can be considered a linchpin for many organizations. That’s because by enabling and easing the sharing of information, SharePoint provides quick access to the most valuable commodity for any business – data.

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup in 2022

Image of Nicolas Blank
Nicolas Blank

Times have changed, specifically for the worse when it comes to how easy it is to attack your data in the cloud. That is not necessarily due to the advent of cloud technologies themselves, but rather because automation is free and cheap.  Think PowerShell, Python, etc., and that cloud represents a much larger attack surface than a traditional data center approach. It's time to reconsider backup in light of ransomware.

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Where When How with OneDrive Teams and SharePoint

OneDrive vs. Teams vs. SharePoint: It's Not Where, but How!

Image of Megan Strant
Megan Strant

If I had a dollar for each time, across an open plan client office area, I have heard "where did you put it?" There can be an ongoing challenge at many organizations, and for many end-users, of what goes where. There have been countless blogs, podcasts, and presentations to help clarify the framework. But what I think is not delved into as much is the additional detail of the 'How'.

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Performing eDiscovery Against a Specific Folder

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

One common request when performing an eDiscovery or using the Search-Mailbox cmdlet has long been the option to search a specific folder only. Possible scenarios for such requests are to delete/purge items from a (sub)folder or copy them to a different mailbox, etc.  Similarly, an “exclude folder” functionality can sometimes be useful. With the latest additions to the service, we are now able to scope eDiscovery/Content searches to specific mailbox, SharePoint or OneDrive for Business folders!

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Modern Attachments with OneDrive for Business

Image of Thomas Stensitzki
Thomas Stensitzki

In the past and even today, we are used to “share” documents and files by sending copies as email attachments. This behavior is often the source of end user frustration when message size limitations are enforced. Especially when size limitations for internal and external recipients are different. Users do not understand why they cannot send any file to any recipient of their choice.

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User Access and External Sharing Improvements in SharePoint Online

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

It’s been a while since we covered SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, and some major improvements have arrived. The new group-backed team sites are now available, including a preview of the ODFB admin portal and conditional access. Here are important additions to restricting user access and securing external collaboration.

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Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Document Library feature image

Office 365 Groups - New SharePoint Document Library Features

Image of Justin Harris (MCSM, MCM)
Justin Harris (MCSM, MCM)

Customers who have the First Release option turned on within their tenants were treated to a welcome surprise this weekend: Additional Groups features! The file repository section within Groups has been upgraded with new SharePoint document library functionality. In reviewing the updates, I found there are four distinct features that add tremendous value to the Groups value proposition.

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Security Improvements SharePoint OneDrive

Security Improvements in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

Over the past few months, some significant improvements have been made around the external sharing functionality in Office 365. Some other very important features were introduced as well. The marketing teams at Microsoft, however, were more focused on getting the message for the new and improved OneDrive for Business (ODB) client out, so no big announcements or press focused on these sharing improvements. With that in mind, I decided to do a quick recap to put together an updated list of important improvements that everyone should at least know about.

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