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Azure AD Security Defaults – What You Need to Know

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Alistair Pugin

Scenario 1: You are part of the IT team that is responsible for moving to the cloud. Your company/organization has chosen Microsoft’s cloud services as the provider of choice, for your new virtual datacenter. During the planning phase to migrate your current solutions to Azure and Microsoft 365, your risk department requests information about security and compliance, and how the shift from your current “private” datacenter to a public center will impact security. You end up Googling and stumble upon a Microsoft post that talks to Security defaults and what it is.

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How Microsoft Improved Its Identity Products & Services, December 2022

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Sander Berkouwer

Christmas is arguably one of the few time periods every year, where droves of IT people are off work, globally. This makes December an odd month from an IT Pro point of view. Especially, since it seems to be high season for adversaries. With your Microsoft-oriented networking infrastructure up to date and monitoring in place, however, there is little to worry about.

If you were among the ‘lucky’ people to run shifts this holiday season, this blogpost might not contain anything new. If you just got out of ‘hibernation’, Enow Software is here to get you back up to speed.

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How Microsoft Improved Its Identity Products and Services in November 2022

Image of Sander Berkouwer
Sander Berkouwer

Many people might argue that November 2022 was a bad month for Active Directory. Yet, Microsoft’s intentions with the November 8, 2022, Windows Server cumulative updates were good.

Updates to Azure AD Connect, Azure AD and Defender for Identity might make identity admins take their breaths toward the inescapable Christmas time as they saw updates and improvements this last month. Let’s dive in!

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Microsoft Entra cloud identity governance

Microsoft Ignite 2022 – What’s New in Entra Identity

Image of Matthew Levy
Matthew Levy

Microsoft Ignite was held on October 12 to 14th 2022, and was a truly hybrid event, with in-person sessions held at the Seattle conference center as well as pre-recorded content and Teams live-event style sessions being streamed around the world. The big catch phrase of the conference this year was “Do more with less”. As organizations adapt to new challenges, they are looking to have more choice in the way they work and to get better results with less friction. The updates to products revealed at Microsoft Ignite were aimed at helping customers get the full value of Microsoft’s technologies.

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How Microsoft Improved Its Identity Products and Services - September 2022

Image of Sander Berkouwer
Sander Berkouwer

Microsoft’s identity portfolio consists of many products, like Active Directory, AD FS, Azure AD Connect, Defender for Identity, Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure AD. Many organizations utilize these products and services in a Hybrid Identity setup. While it looks like Azure AD sees 3 changes per day on average, Microsoft’s on-premises products also see changes. More than 3, actually, this month:

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