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TTI Chooses ENow for Office 365 License Optimization

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Techtronic Industries (TTI) is a fast-growing world leader in Power Tools, Accessories, Hand Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care for Do-It-Yourself (DIY), professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair, maintenance, construction and infrastructure industries.


Office 365 Enterprise Agreement Preparation

TTI increased the time spent on IT projects by minimizing hundreds of hours required to prepare for the Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal. TTI leveraged ENow to identify the lowest cost Office 365 license bundle based on actual employee usage and puts all the puzzle pieces together automatically through simple reporting. Additionally, they solved compliance concerns by obtaining visibility around what licenses are being used, are inactive, and proactive notification of when licenses are close to being over provisioned.

Overall ENow’s platform took the licensing burden off our internal team. Simply one of the best products I’ve gotten my hands on.
– Austin Knapik, Director of IT Infrastructure


The challenge TTI had was simply understanding what Office 365 applications were being used for each employee and how often. This information is critical to know so the correct Office 365 license bundle is purchased as part of the upcoming Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal.

TTI quickly found that Microsoft does not provide an easy way to identify what Office 365 license bundles should be purchased based on employee usage.


The impact of not having a simple method to identify what the lowest cost license bundle is based on actual employee usage caused TTI's IT team hundreds of hours on low value-add activities. It's a burden psychologically to go through and prepare for the enterprise agreement renewal when the team has existing projects to complete.

The process of creating so many different PowerShell scripts over years, juggling multiple excel spreadsheets along with scheduling customer interviews was simply painful.

Knapik stated that “IT was already stretched thin with other projects and licensing soon started encroaching on other priorities, after countless hours running PowerShell scripts and updating spreadsheets, we knew there had to be an easier way….” 

Another impact that they were concerned with is the companies rapid growth as a leader in the home improvement industry. It is very important that TTI maintains compliance with Microsoft and do not over provision licenses. Overall, they certainly do not want to get audited based on Office 365 license usage.

In sum, they were looking for a solution that puts all the puzzle pieces together automatically through automated reporting and simply tells us what they need to know.


Knapik was able to install the ENow platform and instantly minimize the effort to prepare for the Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal by automatically obtaining answers to the questions his team spent hundreds of hours trying to chase.

Reports within the ENow platform were able to simply show what Office 365 applications were being used for each employee, frequency, along with adoption trends. The platform automatically suggested what license bundle should be purchased for each employee in order to save the most money.

TTI was able to also answer the question of how much money is being spent on each employee, license type, license consumption trends, and number of inactive licenses. Addressing the compliance concerns with licensing out of the box allows them to mitigate risk and stay focused on existing priorities.

The ENow platform helps IT organizations stay focused on IT and not Office 365 licensing and the Microsoft enterprise agreement renewal.

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