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Microsoft Ignite: Monday Morning Primer

Image of ENow Software
ENow Software
Microsoft Ignite banner

Welcome to the the Scheduled Maintenance podcast recorded live at Microsoft Ignite 2018! This is your Monday morning primer edition that will distill down all the Office 365 and Exchange information from the week into bite size nuggets so you are ready for Monday morning in the office. There are rumors that we might have a special squeaky guest join us. Stay tuned!

Joining Us for the Podcast is: 

  • Justin Harris (MVP & MCM) : Chief Technology Officer at ENow Software
  • Brent Aligner: Microsoft Blue Badge - responsible for shipping Exchange on-premises
  • Greg Taylor - Director of Product Marketing for Exchange Server and Exchange Online
  • Jeff Guillet – MVP and MCM
  • Michael Van Horenbeeck – aka VanHybrid: MVP and MCM
  • Jaime Perez: MCSE

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