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Teams Webinar Recap

Image of Joel Oleson
Joel Oleson

For many of you, Teams is business critical to your organization. Even though Microsoft has created a fantastic communication platform, issues still occur and oftentimes they’re occurring on your side. How are you keeping up with it? What are you doing to get ahead of governance, usage, etc.?

In my recent webinar with Jay Gundotra, CEO at ENow Software, we dove into the Teams Platform to help you understand what matters most including key infrastructure and application platform, the most important aspects of monitoring Teams which relies on key workloads like SharePoint, Exchange, M365 groups, and AzureAD, and the M365 Front door and global distribution considerations. These are summarized into five critical components:

  1. Teams Call Quality & Customer Support
  2. Security & Compliance
  3. Teams Lifecycle Archiving, Backup and Recovery
  4. Operations Center of Excellence
  5. Teams Monitoring and Uptime

Again, while Microsoft provides reporting and helpful insights, you may still miss issues that are stemming on your end. That is where ENow Software monitoring and reporting solutions help you ensure availability and uptime monitoring above and beyond what Microsoft provides. You can view the full webinar here.

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