Mastering Call Quality in Microsoft Teams

As Microsoft Teams adoption has progressed, it has become a central communication tool for organizations and IT departments must deliver high levels of Microsoft Teams call quality.

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What You Need to Make Every Call Great

For most organizations, Microsoft Teams has become a business-critical platform for calls, meetings, messaging and more. As Microsoft Teams adoption progressed beyond just messaging and chats, it has became central to collaboration both internally and outside the organization. As a result, IT departments are tasks to deliver high call quality for Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft has continued to make enhancements to improve voice and call quality that has increased adoption and deliver high quality calling experiences by providing native
tools such as the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) and Call Analytics to access this data. Unfortunately, it can be hard to understand what to do with this data.

Download this eBook to dive deeper into the main factors that influence Microsoft Teams calling quality, how to use the native Microsoft Teams call quality tools and how you can augment them with simple-to-use and clear dashboards that give you quick access to the key metrics. This includes more insight into how devices and networks impact what makes a good call in Microsoft Teams and how you can monitor call quality in Microsoft Teams from the data
Microsoft gathers in the Call Quality Dashboard and Call Analytics. To conclude, we will dive deeper into additional monitoring solutions to go beyond Microsoft’s native tools.

ben lee

Ben Lee, Microsoft MVP

Ben is a Senior Cloud Architect at CloudWay and a Unified Communications and Collaboration specialist working with Microsoft Team and Microsoft 365. In 2023, he was awarded as MVP M365 Apps and Services. He has spent most of his career working with the Microsoft stack of technologies and for the last 12 or so years has had a particular passion for communications tools that started with Office Communication Server.

He has been heavily involved in the Microsoft User Group community, including running the Evolve conference and speaking at other events such as Commsverse. More recently Ben has written a study guide for Sybex on how to study for and pass the Microsoft MS-700 Teams Administrator exam. Ben has also recently become a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He is part of the author team of the monthly updated book, Office 365 for IT Pros, where his chapter is about Teams Voice.

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