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Office 365 Groups - New SharePoint Document Library Features

Image of Justin Harris (MCSM, MCM)
Justin Harris (MCSM, MCM)
Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Document Library feature image

Customers who have the First Release option turned on within their tenants were treated to a welcome surprise this weekend: Additional Groups features! The file repository section within Groups has been upgraded with new SharePoint document library functionality. In reviewing the updates, I found there are four distinct features that add tremendous value to the Groups value proposition.



Namely, the ability to be alerted to changes within the document library, creating or modifying views, pining files or folders for quick access, and setting independent permissions on files has been introduced.

Based on my own experience with Groups, the ability to independently secure files contained within public Groups has been a highly soughtafter feature. Microsoft is certainly closing the gap by surfacing more of the native SharePoint features. I'm looking forward to the May 4th "The Future of SharePoint" event to understand the vision and roadmap of Sharepoint. I'll be listening for any mentions of further Group integration - will you?

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