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System Alerts Also Eliminate the Need for Daily Monitoring

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Bodek and Rhodes is one of the nation’s leading wholesalers of imprintable apparel and accessories. Started in 1939 by Ed Bodek and Harry Rhodes, the company was originally a wholesale clothing business to the retail market. In the 1980s, however, the company shifted to servicing the imprintable activewear niche market. Today, Bodek and Rhodes offers an impressive 37 different brands of apparel to their network of screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products and uniform companies. Bodek and Rhodes is a family-owned business headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with five warehouses nationwide. The company delivers award-winning customer service and is proud to provide the best accuracy record in the field.


Enhance and develop sales performance of both their Inside and Outside Sales Teams.

Traditionally, Bodek and Rhodes’s management used inbound and outbound call volume as a means of measuring the performance and productivity of their sales teams. Recently, several members of their sales teams approached the Vice President of Business Development, Sam Gerber, with the fact that they spend a majority of their time and effort communicating with clients via email. Armed with this newly-found knowledge,the network administrator for Bodek and Rhodes’s, Barbara Campbell, decided to search for a solution that would capture key email statistics and monitor the sales teams’ performance and productivity

Most of the products the IT team initially came across did not match the company’s needs— they were either too complex or too expensive. “The word overkill comes to mind when I think about the other products we considered before we found Mailscape ®,” says Campbell. “The products had lists of features that we would never use, were beyond our budget, and has excessive technical requirements.”


Utilize Mailscape® Detailed Message Traffic Reports to Optimize Sales Team Performance.

Campbell was on the hunt for a product that provided customizable, easy-to-read reports and was also easy to administer. According to Campbell, “Mr. Gerber was looking for a cost-effective tool that would provide management with the vital email statistics they needed to monitor the sales teams’ performance.” When Campbell first saw Mailscape ®, she knew it was a perfect fit. Campbell states: “ENow’s professional support staff was able to set up the application in less than an hour. Once setup was complete, the rest was easy.”


Bodek and Rhodes gets Mailscaped®!

Mailscape® is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements of Exchange monitoring, administration and reporting in a single solution. Mailscape®’s sleek dashboard now provides Bodek and Rhodes with vital information about each server’s current state and growth rate to facilitate proactive Exchange management.

Barbara Campbell found exactly what the IT team was looking for in Mailscape®. Several features reduced the need for Bodek and Rhodes’s sales personnel to perform tedious tasks. One such tool is the report scheduler, which eliminates the need for manual report generation. System alerts also eliminate the need for daily monitoring. Campbell agrees: “With Mailscape®, creating custom reports is a snap! The monitoring features are simple and the summary console gives a quick and easy glance at the health of the server.”

Right away, Mailscape® provided management with customizable reports which could generate email statistics showing monthly, weekly, or daily data for an individual, a department or the entire company. The VP of business development was impressed with Mailscape®’s simplicity. Gerber states: “What’s nice about this tool is that it’s simple enough that management can use it just as easily as the IT team can. It also helped disseminate information across all levels of our company. With MaiIscape®, our sales team is now much more efficient and productive with their email communications.”

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