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Take Back Control of Your Microsoft 365 Licenses

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ENow helps you optimize Microsoft 365 license spend

CULVER CITY, CA., January 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - ENow, an award-winning Monitoring & Reporting technology platform, announced new features for their Microsoft 365 License Optimization solution, providing organizations insight into Microsoft 365 license usage, costs and opportunities to minimize data collection hassles, as well as find real cost savings.

IT departments are always attempting to find cost savings from inactive or unallocated licenses. While Microsoft native tools are helpful, they do not provide the vital data necessary to make informed licensing decisions.

ENow’s License Optimization solution takes the guesswork out of Microsoft license management by identifying:

  • Underutilized Licenses
    Pinpoint which users are not fully leveraging expensive licenses, while ENow recommends an appropriate license type without impact to the user.
  • Inactive Licenses
    Identify which users have inactive licenses so they can be reclaimed for future use.
  • Overlapping Licenses
    Track which users may have add-on licenses that are already included in their license.
  • Duplicate Licenses
    Determine which users have duplicate licenses that can be reassigned.

With ENow License Optimization, organizations are uncovering an average of 10% cost savings on their Microsoft 365 licensing. “Overall ENow’s platform took the licensing burden off our internal team. Simply one of the best products I’ve gotten my hands on,” said Austin Knapik, Director of IT Infrastructure at TTI.

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