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overview of compass

Compass will make your life easier by giving you:


Compass monitors your Active Directory domain controllers in real time, giving you immediate visibility into network, service health, and functionality. With Compass, you can ensure that your domain controllers are able to communicate with users and each other, across domains, sites, and forests. the same domain, site and forest.


Compass’'s OneLook Dashboard view gives you at-a-glance status checks data backed by deep detail on specific components.


Compass uses synthetic transactions to actively probe for faults and failures across all critical Active Directory components: domain controllers, replication, DNS, and more. The synthetic transactions, passive tests, and reports built into Compass cover the most critical components of your infrastructure to give you early warning of problems and clear visibility into solutions.


Compass’'s integrated reporting enables you to proactively advise management of future needs and ensure SLAs are being met. It includes over 50 out of the box reports.

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active directory monitoring

With the Compass Active Directory monitoring tool, you can avoid the following problems:


Logon failure / account lockout

Logon failure can occur throughout the domain or forest if a trust relationship or name resolution fails, or if a global catalog server cannot determine universal group membership.
User and service accounts can become locked out if the PDC emulator is unavailable in the domain or replication fails between several domain controllers.

inconsistent directory data

If replication fails for an extended period of time, objects (known as lingering objects and re-animated objects) can be created in the directory and might require extensive diagnosis and time to eliminate.

Application, account creation, and security policy failure

Compass helps avoid failures with:

Applications that are critical to your business, such as Microsoft Exchange or another e-mail application, can fail if address book queries into the directory fail.

A domain controller that is unable to create user or computer accounts if it exhausts its supply of relative IDs and the RID master is unavailable.

Security policies if the SYSVOL shared folder does not replicate properly, Group Policy objects and security policies are not properly applied to clients.

Go beyond the generic monitoring. Compass delivers comprehensive monitoring on all the key components in your environment, including:


  • LDAP port test
  • UDP port verification
  • Global catalog port listening
  • DNS connectivity test

Name Resolution

  • DNS settings verification
  • DNS domain record verification
  • DNS forest record check


  • Netlogon
  • DHCP, DNS, and DFS
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center
  • Manual configuration of additional services

Operating System

  • Disk space monitoring
  • CPU and monitoring
  • System and application log
  • Windows update and patches

AD Core

  • Active Directory time service
  • Replication monitoring
  • Backup verification
  • LSASS monitoring

Open up the hood on the foundation of your network with Compass.

Active directory reporting

Compass helps you understand and optimize your Active Directory by giving you:



Compass empowers you to remove users that have inappropriate access to privileged groups (Schema Admins, Domain Administrators) and see what users are doing across your environment.

Real time ad reporting

Demonstrate to senior management, with real-time reports, that additional resources are needed to meet growing demand or that service levels are being met.


simplify compliance audits

Compass helps reduce the amount of work required to cover HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance audits.

active directory reporting

Compass contains over 50 of the most commonly-requested reports and gives you the ability to customize the reports or create new ones.


  • Home drive
  • Logon script
  • Fine grained password policies
  • Disabled and locked out accounts

Account Activity

  • Last logon time
  • Inactive user logons
  • Users that have never logged on
  • Users who must change password at next logon


  • Administrative group membership
  • Top 10 largest groups
  • Unmanaged and empty groups
  • Groups by managers


  • System computers by last logon time
  • Group policy
  • Modified computers
  • Sites, subnets and links

Compass automates reporting activities for help desk and active directory administrators.

System Requirements

Windows Server:

2008 - 2016


Disk Space 350 MB,
Memory 2 GB

Additional Software:

Microsoft .NET Framework

4.0 or later


7.5 or later

SQL Server optional
2008 or later
Internet Explorer

8.0 or greater

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