Addressing the Monitoring Gaps in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is one of the fastest-growing Microsoft business platforms in history. 52% of businesses said that they would move all or some users to Microsoft 365.

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Addressing the Monitoring Gaps in Microsoft 365

Microsoft continues to invest huge amounts of money in growing the reach and expanding the size of Microsoft 365. They’re adding new services and capabilities, expanding into new regions, and ramping up their marketing efforts to capture more (and larger!) customers. Along with all these activities, they are continuing to slowly enhance their included monitoring tools. However, the nature of cloud services means that customers will never get the complete
visibility they need from Microsoft’s own tools; there are some components, such as hybrid services, that must be monitored from the customer side. In addition, customer-centered monitoring of service availability and quality is critical to detecting and resolving problems no matter their origin.

In this whitepaper, we talk about the importance of going beyond traditional monitoring solutions. ENow's Microsoft 365 monitoring platform provides visibility so that users remain productive. It monitors Microsoft 365, your on-premises hybrid services, and remote locations, on a single pane of glass - providing a single, easy-to-use, view of everything that you need to check.

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