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Filling the Blind Spot of MS Exchange

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“True wisdom is knowing what you don't know”

It’s an old maxim that traces back to the time of Confucius, but it is still a nugget of wisdom serving as the cornerstone of strategic operations for modern IT environments.

The biggest threat to any IT environment is the unknown. Once a problem is identified and understood, the only issues remaining are the resources needed to address it. However, to achieve that and drive organizational business needs, companies must maintain an intelligence mechanism to provide insight into the unknown. Simply, IT must rely on solid reporting.

Yet, of all the tools in the IT quiver, none are as important as email (and by extension Exchange messaging and Active Directory databases). For most organizations it is the central communication lifeline…yet so many overlook email/messaging-related issues that could potentially impact productivity, operational effectiveness and ultimately profitability. Many issues such as outage/service optimization, security red flags, and storage affect every corner of enterprise operation. And without critical measurable data from KPIs, companies are managing with a significant blind spot.

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