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Monitoring Microsoft Teams: Track and Analyze Collaboration

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Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate and work together in real-time. However, to ensure that your organization is using the platform effectively and efficiently, it's important to monitor and report on its performance and usage. Here are a few ways to monitor Microsoft Teams:

  1. Use Built-in Reports: Microsoft Teams provides a variety of built-in reports that allow you to track usage and activity on the platform. These reports include information such as usage by user, usage by team, and usage by channel. These reports provide a high-level view of how Microsoft Teams is being used, and can help you identify any areas where usage could be improved.
  2. Monitor Chat & Meetings: Monitoring chat and meeting activity is a great way to understand how teams are communicating and collaborating on the platform. You can track the number of messages sent, the number of meetings held, and the duration of meetings. This will help you identify patterns of communication and collaboration, and can help you identify any issues that need to be addressed.
  3. Use Third-Party Tools: There are a variety of third-party tools that can help you monitor and analyze Microsoft Teams usage. These tools allow you to create custom reports and visualizations, giving you a more detailed view of how Microsoft Teams is being used.
  4. Monitor User Adoption: Monitoring user adoption is an important aspect of Microsoft Teams usage. This includes tracking how many users are active on the platform and how often they are using it. This will help you identify any issues with user adoption.

When Microsoft’s native tools aren’t enough, you need to look to additional monitoring and reporting solutions to provide that next level of information. There are many effective tools available that help provide a more in-depth level of analysis of Microsoft Teams features like Call Quality monitoring, VIP monitoring, insights into outages, usage reports and much more.

By effectively utilizing the tools Microsoft makes available alongside additional monitoring solutions, you will be ready for whatever Microsoft Teams issues, outages, complaints, support tickets or requests come your way.



Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring

Microsoft Teams has become a mission critical communication tool for companies all around the world. When it is not available or issues arise, users productivity comes to a screeching halt. Calls flood into the help desk and Microsoft Teams administrators are left wondering is the issue on their side or on Microsoft’s? Hours are wasted on Crit-Sit calls until the root cause is determined.


  • Assess Call Quality based on Teams CQD metrics over the past month, week and day
  • Assess Call Quality for the organization based on feedback directly from your users
  • Monitor VIP’s in real time and solve their challenges
  • Correlate what is causing poor call Quality
  • Provide access to Service Desk and Teams personnel to quickly troubleshoot in real time

Access your free 14-day trial of ENow’s Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring and Reporting today!

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