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Busting Common Microsoft 365 Myths

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In the past years, IT has changed dramatically. The pandemic accelerated Microsoft Teams and overall M365 adoption, Office co-authoring surged, and organizational data found its way to all sorts of cloud apps.

In this webinar, Jay Gundotra, Karinne Bessette and Sander Berkouwer discuss how things have changed from their perspective. Working with organizations has offered us many insights in the way people think. While discussing our experiences, we found three common myths:

  1. We have a 99.99% SLA. Monitoring Microsoft 365 is unnecessary.
  2. Procurement is in charge of managing Microsoft 365 licenses.
  3. Microsoft takes care of backups as part of Microsoft 365.

Most organizations believe these myths to be true, but they are not. In fact, it’s dangerous to assume these myths are true in this cloud age, as they may result in downtime and data loss at a higher price.

Each speaker has different views on IT today and this webinar provides many insights on how to ‘do cloud right’. 

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Enjoy some highlights!


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