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Who Really Owns Microsoft 365?

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Microsoft 365 is a technology so it should obviously be owned by IT . . . right? Well, not so fast.

In this on-demand webinar, MVPs Loryan and Megan Strant, along with ENow's VP of Product Justin Harris, ask and answer the question "Who really owns Microsoft 365?"

Topics include:

  • Who Should get a seat at the table?
  • Aligning Microsoft 365 with business and IT Outcomes
  • Change management (spoiler, yes it really matters)
  • Measuring success
  • Office 365 license management




Office 365 License Management

Managing Office 365 licenses is no easy task and forecasting for future needs can be exhausting. At ENow, we believe in ‘buy only what you need, and adopt all that you buy’, and our solutions can help you achieve just that.

Efficiently and effectively optimize your Office 365 licenses to make informed licensing decisions with ENow Office 365 License Management reporting, including: customizable trend analysis, real-time licenses user lists, license addition history, and much more.

Access your free 14-day trial today! Be the IT hero and drive out any hidden costs.

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