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[On-Demand Webinar]: Who Really Owns Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a technology so it should obviously be owned by IT... right? Well not so fast... In just 45-minutes, MVPs Loryan and Megan Strant, along with ENow's VP of Product Justin Harris, are going to discuss:

    • Who Should get a seat at the table?
    • Aligning Microsoft 365 with business & IT Outcomes
    • Change management (spoiler, yes it really matters)
    • Measuring success
    • Office 365 license management
Who Really Owns Microsoft 365_

Office 365 License Management with ENow

Trying to figure out licensing can be a daunting task. ENow's Office 365 License Management solution enables IT Pros to make informed licensing decisions.

As organizations come up on their EA renewal, many find themselves trying to forecast license needs without historical data. Essentially taking a shot in the dark... ENow turns the light back on by providing vital reports including: customizable trend analysis, real time list of licensed users, license addition history, and more!

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