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M&A IT Integration: Understanding the First 100 Days

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M&A IT Integration: Understanding the First 100 Days | ENow

Technology is a key driver to M&A outcomes, both as an enabler to capture value faster, and as a new category of assets and capabilities for the business. It’s little wonder at such a highly charged, high profile, high risk time, when IT is so key to success, that nothing short of a timely, seamless and successful integration is demanded. However, for most enterprises, modern workplace M&As do not happen every day and processes involving two disparate IT environments are rarely straightforward or easy. Further, the increasing scale, speed and complexity of M&As puts at risk revenue streams and can seriously threaten the success of the entire M&A without the right IT approach during the first 100-days post-transaction.

Join AmyKelly Petruzzella, Vice President, at ENow Software, as she discusses embracing a "no trade off" mindset to deal with a seamless Day 1 experience by removing blockers that often create challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Shift your mindset to avoid common integration pitfalls
  • Prepare your people and processes upfront
  • Lay the foundation out of the gate with key collaboration capabilities
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Conquer the Complexities of M&A IT Integration

Synchronizing contact and user data between Active Directory forests can be difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone.  Make your life easier and streamline the M&A integration process with GALsync.

  • Sync users, contacts, Groups, attributes and more
  • Transfer the encrypted datafile via email, network share, or FTP
  • Manage how attributes are imported and exported
  • Modify target address, primary or secondary SMTP address
  • Automate the sync at pre-determined intervals

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