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Healthcare Provider Syncs Multiple GALs Post-M&A

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As the largest provider of physician services to hospitals and health systems, client delivers solutions physicians, advanced practice providers, clinicians, and support teams responsible for more than 30 million patient encounters across the United States. Client’s mission is to improve the patient experience and the health of populations while reducing the cost of available healthcare per capita.


Triple synchronization
As a result of several complex mergers, client had three disparate environments and was looking for a solution to ensure communications were unified and seamless across the new organizational boundaries post-merger.


Selecting GALsync for its easy, one-day installation and minimal requirements, client synchronizes 25,000 contacts every day with all mail-enabled objects available in the Global Address Lists across the various organizations in Outlook.


Seamless collaboration enabling best-in-class patient experience
Improved internal communications and productivity allowed the physician-led organization to deploy a provider network in ways that coordinates patient care no matter where or when the patient’s needs occur.

By enabling simple address synchronization, GALsync has been instrumental to the success of our merger. All employees were immediately able to link their calendars and invite each other to meetings. It was the best customer service we could possibly provide.

GALsync Overview


  • Flexible AD-to-AD Synchronization with no direct Network Connectivity
  • AD attribute data transformation and custom mapping
  • Configuration wizards to easily walk you through each step
  • Modular workflow components
  • Detailed log files and change Logs


  • 365 to 365
  • Local Active Directory to Active Directory
  • Azure AD to/from Active Directory
  • Users, Groups, and Contacts
  • Mix and Match environments - One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-One etc.
  • Unified Groups & Teams



  • Securely and quickly sync’d address book contacts between multi-Exchange systems
  • Increased IT and end user productivity with quick installation and automatic daily synchronization
  • License optimization realized based on demand, as measured by the number of user objects


  • Synchronizes Global Address Lists (GAL) across any number of Exchange organizations
  • Implementation within one hour
  • Encrypted data transmission via email is possible, no new trusted gateways required
  • Good cost-benefit ratio
  • Low demand for server resources
  • No consultant assignments required

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