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ENow Presents at Redmond Magazine's Securing Azure AD and Active Directory Summit

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Active Directory/Azure AD are not only key to securing your Windows enterprises but, unfortunately, over the last few years, they have also become major attack vectors. With all the threats out there, properly securing Azure AD/Active Directory in your enterprise has never been more critical! You need to know the threats, what's coming, best practices for defending, plus have a plan in case the worst happens. All this while trying to manage and get the most out of AD/Azure AD.

Because this issue is so critical, the editors of Redmondmag.com have joined up with independent experts/Microsoft MVPs to bring you this free-half day summit who will walk you through not only the critical security issues your AD infrastructure (whether on-prem with AD, cloud with Azure AD or the very likely hybrid mix of both) is facing, plus what you can do about it!

ENow Software sponsored Redmond Magazine's Securing Azure AD and Active Directory Summit hosted virtually on Friday, July 29th. Part of the sponsorship was a 15 minute presentation by ENow's CEO & Technical Founder, Jay Gundotra, alongside Global Manufacturing CIO, John O'Neil Sr. The two discussed the latest in Active Directory and the significance of securing your Azure AD/Active Directory. Check out the full recording below:

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ENow Product Release info

Q1 Release

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Paul Robichaux
One of my favorite parts of being ENow’s CTO is bragging on the work our technical team does. I’m delighted to announce the latest GA release of the ENow Management System, (Yes, that’s an odd version number—we purposely chose it in honor of Prince’s passing. Now we can, with a straight face, tell our customers to party like it’s 1999, as long as “party” means “upgrade” and “like it’s 1999” means “with our awesome new installer.”)
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