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Loryan Strant

Over 20 years in IT Loryan has had the opportunity to work with many leading edge technologies - allowing him to be a part of major transformations in the industry. Starting out in web design prior to the dot com era, Loryan then took on more technical roles and has been involved in some of the first Australian deployments of metropolitan networks, voice over IP and video streaming over the Internet. His technical experiences were followed by 15 solid years in various senior consulting positions advising both internal and external senior management / stakeholders on strategic technology adoption and selection along with delivery of solutions across a range of business sectors, and managing technical resources for delivery. Many of his roles have involved coaching and mentoring team members along with establishing incentive schemes to drive results and growth. One of his strengths is the ability to thoroughly understand each client’s challenges and deliver solution in line with their unique business requirements. Loryan is passionate about the cloud and the opportunities it brings. Having spent most of his career delivering on-premise business productivity technology, he founded Paradyne to deliver cost-effective solutions and to advance how people work by means of the cloud. His deep technical expertise is backed by practical business experience, ensuring that customers get the best of both worlds – world-class technology that delivers real business benefits.

Who owns Microsoft 365

Who Really Owns Microsoft 365? Part 1

Image of Loryan Strant
Loryan Strant

In many organizations, there is no clear answer for the question "Who really owns Microsoft 365?" And because there's no simple answer, I’ve had to break this blog into two parts.

It is assumed that IT departments own Microsoft 365 (M365), as M365 is a technology platform, and that makes sense. However, in larger organizations, in which IT departments are made up of multiple business units or teams, who owns M365 amongst them?

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