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Key Microsoft 365 Inter-Tenant Collaboration Options

Image of AmyKelly Petruzzella
AmyKelly Petruzzella

Two organizations each have Microsoft 365 tenants and they want to work together on several projects – some of which run for a limited time and some of which are ongoing. How can these organizations enable their people and teams to collaborate more effectively and productively across their different tenants? Add on top of this, how can this be done in a secure and compliant manner? This article describes several key collaboration options that administrators at each organization can consider as shared goals.

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Office 365 Monitoring

Addressing the Office 365 Monitoring Gaps - Part 1

Image of Michael Van Horenbeeck MVP, MCSM
Michael Van Horenbeeck MVP, MCSM

Office 365 is a tremendous service that we all know and love. With Office 365, IT Pros and end users alike are equipped with a multitude of applications (Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more) that enable easier collaboration and increased productivity. Something as simple as collaborating on a word document in real time has changed the way people work.

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Hybrid Configurations Microsoft

Using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard

Image of AmyKelly Petruzzella
AmyKelly Petruzzella

By establishing a hybrid deployment, you can extend the feature-rich experience and administrative control you have with your existing on-premises Exchange Server organization to the cloud. A hybrid deployment also offers support for a cloud-based archiving solution for your on-premises mailboxes with Exchange Online Archiving and may also serve as an intermediate step towards a complete migration of your on-premises mailboxes to Exchange Online.

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woman seated at home using laptop

What We've Learned Working Remote Over the Past 8 Months in 2020

Image of Jeff Guillet MVP, MCSM
Jeff Guillet MVP, MCSM

It’s no secret that the IT landscape has changed dramatically over the past 8 months. Due to the pandemic, organizations have had to pivot overnight, and what was hoped to be a short-term problem has turned into the new normal. This applies to the way these organizations deal with their customers, employees, and business partners.

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Who owns Microsoft 365

Who Really Owns Microsoft 365? Part 1

Image of Loryan Strant
Loryan Strant

In many organizations, there is no clear answer for the question "Who really owns Microsoft 365?" And because there's no simple answer, I’ve had to break this blog into two parts.

It is assumed that IT departments own Microsoft 365 (M365), as M365 is a technology platform, and that makes sense. However, in larger organizations, in which IT departments are made up of multiple business units or teams, who owns M365 amongst them?

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Microsoft 365 Consumption vs. Adoption

Image of Megan Strant
Megan Strant

You may have heard a few terms referencing Microsoft 365 platform success before, such as consumption, activation, usage, uptake and adoption. They may seem clear enough and are certainly buzz words being thrown around the last couple of years, but it’s not necessarily straight forward. It is important to know the lingo and ensure your focus is on the right area or data when it comes to your implementation and your longer-term Microsoft journey.

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